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Auto Rip n Compress Working Again!

Auto Rip n Compress is working again on the media center.  I am not sure what happened last time.  I just installed the latest version of all the software and it works great.  I need to test another DVD and a Blu Ray disc but so far so good.

Right now I have installed the following:

That’s all you need.  I will post a video next week of the install and ripping process.  This is a must have for stand alone HTPC.


9 Responses

  1. Interesting.

    And you are still ripping main feature only, with english only audio tracks, and completing the process with a single .wtv or .dvr-ms file?

    I’m thinking about using autorip n compress to allow my wife to rip movies without my help. While I haven’t investigated it in depth I was thinking it would have to spit out an MKV file that was picked up by filewatcher and converted to .wtv.

  2. Hey Andres,
    I’m the author of Auto Rip n Compress… Glad to see you enjoy the program. If you do happen to have any problems with it just leave a post in the thread at the Green Button and I’ll be sure to look into it.


    • Mark,
      I am having issues with Auto Rip n Compress. I tried ripping a movie tha was previously ripped and I get a small pop up window that asks if I would ike to overwrite F:New Rips – which is the name of thefolder that I created when I set up Auto Rip. After I clicked “Overwrite” the entire folder New Rips and the folder “Moves” – which is the folder that I store permanent rips – were each deleted – including all of th oviews that wer stored in those folders. When I tried ipping the movie again- I the same message.

      Thanks for your help on this.


  3. Yes I am still ripping the main feature with English Dolby Digital 5.1. Once you get it setup it’s a one click process that your wife would not have a problem with. Auto Rip uses MakeMKV to rip down to mkv and then the Haali Media Splitter to convert directly to a etc file. It’s not using dorms toolbox.

    I have the WTF file put into a folder in my main movie folder that is named the same as the movie. This is all automated and setup once. It should be clear in the video next week.

  4. Mark thanks for stopping by. I actually do have a specific question. I will post it on the GreenButton or email you. That app is amazing! Thanks so much for creating and sharing.

  5. Andres- where have you been? I’ve missed your updates. I’m also hoping that your instructional video makes it up at some point as I’m great at
    Following instructions and can’t seem to get auto rip n compress to work for me.

  6. I have been MIA adjusting to my a family with 2 kids. Hopefully I will be back soon.

  7. Where can I get instructions on how to instal and use
    Auto Compress
    Haali Media Splitter ?
    Thank You

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