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Windows 7 Launch Party

I was selected to host a Windows 7 launch party almost two weeks ago.  I applied to be a host after receiving the following email:

Launch Party

I received an email today letting me know that my Windows 7 Launch Party pack will be shipping soon which means that I should have my full retail copy of Windows 7 Ultimate within a week or so.

As a host I was asked to select a theme for the party and it should come as no surprise that I chose the “Media Mania” theme.  You can see the other themes in the image above.  The “Media Mania” theme has a heavy focus on Windows Media Center and all that it can do.  I get a number of inquiries and perplexed looks when it comes to my Media Center setup so this is going to be a great chance to explain to my non-tech friends and family what this Media Center thing is all about.

My Media Center PC normally sits in my home office upstairs in my house but for the party I am going to bring it down and hook it up the the main TV.  I am also going to use extenders in two more rooms downstairs so that I can show the multi-room capabilities of Media Center and also demonstrate one of my new favorite Windows 7 features – Play To.

I will post pictures of the party the next day.  The party is scheduled for Oct. 24.