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Cisco Tuning Adapter Firmware Updated

Sometime in the last 24 hours my Cisco STA1520 Tuning Adapter was updated to the latest firmware. We knew the firmware existed and was out in the wild thanks to Ben Drawbaugh over at Engadget HD but there was no specific release date. Well I finally got my update. For those that do not know I live near Charlotte, NC and I have Time Warner Cable.

It definitely was not an elegant notification on the update though. I read that Ceton had updated the InfiniTV-4 firmware and drivers so I did the update. Everything seemed to be working fine until I woke up this morning. I had an SDV issue with one of my recordings. I checked the Ceton diagnostic web page for my tuners and saw that my tuning adapters were not working properly. I then checked the firmware of the SDV adapters through the CETON diagnostic screens and sure enough the tuning adapters had been updated.


HDHomeRun Prime – My Future Cable Card Tuner

I was originally on the Ceton cable card tuner bandwagon but I have since jumped off.  I am waiting patiently for the HDHomerun cable card tuner and now it is one step closer with an official name:  HDHomeRun Prime!


I chose to get the HDHomeRun Prime tuner after they announced that it would support 3 cable card stream off of one card at a price point of $250.  That is $150 less than the ceton tuner for only one less stream but I also get the capability to put the tuner anywhere on my network and not have to put it in my HTPC.  I may end up putting it right next to my HTPC but I at least have options.

I am hoping that this tuner will work better with my SDV tuning adapters because my SDV situation is about to get a lot worse.  More on that later.

Google Wave Started

Google Wave

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I just started the first Google Wave for My Network Project readers.  The topic of the first wave is TV tuners and everything that goes with them (cable card, tuning adapters, guide setup, etc).  I have not really used Google Wave before so I am going to try and use as many features as I can.  Feel free to do the same.

For those that requested Google Wave invites I have already added you to the Wave.  For those that want to join and already have a Google Wave account just search for the wave using the following phrase including the quotes:

tag:"My Network Project"

Let the experiment begin.

UPDATED:  Thanks to the comments I have updated the search term.

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Time Warner Adds 10 HD Channels

Time Warner just added 10 HD channels yesterday.  You will need cable card and an SDV tuning adapter to get the new channels.  Zap2It has only updated their guide with the new HBO HD channels so you have to wait until they add they other ones before they start showing up in your guide.  I have verified that the channels are working under the TV diagnostics.

From Time Warner:

New HD Channels!

Time Warner Cable is adding 10 more HD channels to the lineup on November 23rd – just in time for the holidays!

  • HBO Signature HD
  • HBO Family HD
  • HBO Comedy HD
  • HBO Zone HD
  • HBO Latino HD
  • ActionMax HD
  • Showtime Too HD
  • Cartoon Network HD
  • We HD
  • IFC HD

Time Warner Officially Supports ATI DCT

Thanks to a comment by reader Jason it has come to my attention that Time Warner Cable is officially supporting the ATI Digital Cable Tuner on their website.  Jason posted this link (HERE) to his local Time Warner Cable SDV website page where it clearly list the following  devices as being compatible with the SDV Tuning Adapter:

  • TiVo Series 3 DVR
  • TiVo HD DVR
  • TiVo HD XL DVR
  • Moxi HD DVR
  • ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner

I checked my local Time Warner Cable website to find the same change had been made on the SDV page.  This is a huge change from before when I would have to say that I had a Tivo just to get a truck roll to bring me some cable cards.  I personally have been working with a great Field Operations manager with Time Warner here in Charlotte and it seems that they are very interested in learning more about Media Center and being better prepared to support Media Center customers.  This change looks like it supports that attitude shift so lets hope it continues after the Ceton card hits the market and their Cable Card request double from 4 to 8.

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Tuning Adapter Operational

My tuning adapter is finally operational.  I tried changing the configuration of my cable splitters and that seemed to have no effect.  I have been getting very frustrated and now all this morning my tuning adapter is working again.

I think I know what the solution was but I am cannot say with 100% confidence until I do some more tests.  Thanks to a comment from John on my last post I tried changing the USB cable.  The USB cable I had on there before is a long one that I just had in my “box of cables” that allowed me to put the tuning adapter where I wanted it to go.  Based on John’s suggestion I swapped the USB cable for a few others I had laying around and the last one seemed to work.  I am not sure what’s special about it either.

So I am going to run some more tests to try and get a definitive answer.  In the meantime, if you have a tuning adapter that looks like it’s close to working try a different USB cable and even a different USB port on the PC to see if it helps.

Stay tuned.  More to come.

My Tuning Adapter Got Mad and Left Me

I have had two tuning adapters working perfectly for about a month now and in the past few days one of my tuning adapters decided to call it quits.  I am not sure what is going on since almost all of the appropriate status indicators are correct in the diagnostics screen.  Unfortunately it will still not go through final authorization and become operational.  This is what I see on one of my tuning adapters now:

TA Error

It used to say: Tuning Resolver is operational.  Not sure what happened at all.  The TA is on a splitter with the other adapter and it’s still working fine. 

The TA’s usually either work or do not work so I went to my local Time Warner office and switched it out today to see if I could get one working.  I came home and hooked it up only to see the same result.  I’ll keep working on this as I know that some others are having the same issue.  As soon as I get a repeatable resolution I will post it for everyone.