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My Movies 3.10 release imminent

My Movies 3.10 has just hit pre release status and is almost ready for a full release.  Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle has a great write up.  Check out the write up and screenshots.  If you want to download the pre release go here.  Look for a full review when 3.10 is officially released.


Movie of the Week: The Punisher


Film poster for The Punisher (2004 film)

My Movies Collection Number: 366

IMDB Synopsis: After his wife and family are killed, G-Man Frank Castle takes it upon himself to distribute punishment to those responsible for the vendetta. IMDB Link

Why it’s in my collection: One of the main reasons this movie is in my collection is that I am a big Marvel comic book fan and the OCD part of me wants to have every Marvel movie made since the original Blade

I also love the “Welcome Back, Frank” storyline that the movie uses as part of its basis.  Seeing some of the scenes from that story on screen just really made the Punisher fan in me really happy.

Thoughts While Watching: The bad guys in this movie are way over the top.  They are so cheesy and over the top it becomes funny.  Then you realize that John’s Travolta’s sons are played by the same actor and you know that you have to check any hopes of this being the Punisher movie you were hoping for.  And how can you be taken seriously as a mobster when your base of operations is Tampa, Florida???

As you watch this movie it feels like every decision made by first time director Jonathan Hensleigh was as an homage to 1980’s cop/action/crime movies.  The attempts at manipulating your emotions, the music, the coincidences used to advance the plot al make you say “seriously!”.

There are scenes taken directly from the comic book that I enjoyed seeing but overall the movie falls flat.  If I am going to see a movie this cheesy then I am going to watch Punisher: War Zone.  At least that movie has more of the character from the comic book and KNOWS what it is.  It does not try to put a serious face on a movie that should be fun silly action.   Of course I would love to see a real budget and a real director (like Michael Mann) make a Punisher movie.  That would be amazing.

Why it should be in your collection: The only reason this movie should be in your collection is if you have the same compulsive need as me to be complete.  I thought this movie was finally going to do the Punisher right but it made two crucial mistakes for me: taking Frank out of New York and not pitting him against the traditional mob.  John Travolta’s Howard Saint character is HORRIBLE.  I think Punisher War Zone is a better representation of the world and the character.

Similar movies from my collection: Face/Off, The Crow, Punisher: War Zone, Bad Boys, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Blade, Die Hard, Kill Bill Vol.1, The Boondock Saints

My Movies Collection Rating: 5

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Movie of the Week: Transporter 3

Transporter 3

My Movies Collection Number: 393

IMDB Synopsis: Frank Martin puts the driving gloves on to deliver Valentina, the kidnapped daughter of a Ukranian government official, from Marseilles to Odessa on the Black Sea. En route, he has to contend with thugs who want to intercept Valentina’s safe delivery and not let his personal feelings get in the way of his dangerous objective.  IMDB Page

Why it’s in my collection: After last week’s “Movie of the Week” I feel like Random.org is playing a game of 6 Degrees of Jason Statham.  This movie is in my collection because I like mindless action movies.  Transporter 1 and 2 both had very cool action and martial arts scenes and I expected the same from Transporter 3.  The Transporter series also feeds into my male fantasies of being someone who can drive a car into physically impossible situations and kick ass whenever I am surrounded.

Thoughts While Watching:  The look of this film is very stylized.  It has the hyper fast cuts to accentuate the fighting and driving scenes.  It also has a bright color palette.  You can tell the the colors were definitely enhanced in post production.  It looks great in HD.

This movie hits a lot of the action movie clichés right off the bat.  Since the movie is very self aware of what is the clichés work well.  It takes less than 10 minutes for the driving and fighting to start and isn’t that why we are watching in the first place?

I love the Audi and how its become a signature of the franchise.  This really could work as a weekly series if it had the budget and was on HBO.

Why is it that every fight that Frank is involved in requires him to be surrounded by at least five guys?  Oh and you know he is going to take off a jacket and/or shirt and use is as weapon/tool in the fight.  These thugs need to start carrying guns.

Why it should be in your collection: This movie is definitely a toss up.  If you like summer popcorn mindless action movies that only have a plot for the sole purpose of moving the audience from one action sequence to the next the add it to your collection or at least rent it.  If that’s not you then stay far away.

Similar movies from my collection: Batman Begins, A View to a Kill, Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift, Jumper, Moonraker, Octopussy

My Movies Collection Rating: 6

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New Posts: Movie of the Week

The whole purpose of Media Center in my household is for it to allow for new and better ways for me and my family to enjoy our content.  That content can be movies, TV, music, photos or even a combination of a few. 

Taking that into account I wanted to start writing more about the content that Media Center has allowed me to organize under one digital roof.  Starting out I am going to be writing about movies since I love watching and collecting.  Specifically one movie a week out of my movie collection.  I will be using Random.org to randomly pick a number and then use that number to determine which movie I will watch.

Here is the template I will be using:

My Movies collection number: The random number spit out by the random number generator.

IMDB Synopsis: What IMDB says the movie is about.

Why it’s in my collection: A brief explanation on why I have the movie as part of my collection.

Thoughts While Watching: I will be writing thoughts while I watch / re-watch the movie of the week.

Why it should be in your collection: My conclusion and wrap-up.

Similar movies from my collection: I will be leveraging the similar movies functionality to list a few of the movies from my collection that are considered similar by My Movies.

My Movies Collection Rating: The rating that is assigned to this movie in my collection based on the 1-10 rating used by My Movies.

The first movie of the week will be posted shortly after this post.