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The New Media Center Extender / Xbox

new360front Microsoft unveiled the updated Xbox 360 yesterday during their E3 Media Briefing.  It is small enough to fit inside the original Xbox 360 design.  The one thing that caught my attention in relation to Media Center is that Don Mattrick said it was “whisper quiet” as he was introducing the new design.

Could this new Xbox 360 design be the Media Center extender we have been waiting for?  The price is right and it is still the most powerful extender but I don’t know if they would ever update it to allow silverlight streaming since the 360 has its own version of Netflix and now ESPN3.com.

The other interesting thing that is potentially Media Center related is the new Kinect Xbox 360 controller.  It is a total hands free experience.  You can use your hands and voice to control the Xbox 360 dashboard and all of the media playback.  I really hope this functionality finds its way into the Media Center portion of Xbox 360.  I can control Media Center with my Xbox 360 controller today so there is hope of being able to control my Media Center with just my voice.

Do not expect anything new until CEDIA in September.  If you want to get the new Xbox though, it goes on sale this week.  You can pre-order now from Amazon.


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