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SiliconDust, Where is My HDHomeRun Prime?

hdhomerun-prime-cablecard-trituner-comes-a-single-step-closer-to-being-1SiliconDust announced a new HDHomeRun product early last year that they named HDHomeRun Prime.  Its similar to the very popular HDHomeRun product they currently sell but the prime supported CableCard with three TV streams.

A lot of enthusiasts were excited because the HDHomeRun was network enabled and an all around solid product.  Based on that the Prime had to be just as good.  When compared with Ceton’s InfiniTV 4 tuner it had one less TV stream but it was also announced to be $150 cheaper.

So far so good right?  Well there is still one problem.  IT’S STILL NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE!!!!  A number of Media Center users skipped the Ceton tuner and decided to wait for the Prime.  Well we are still waiting.

On March 8th SiliconDust posted this on their Facebook page:

HDHomeRun PRIME update: currently undergoing certification testing at CableLabs. The pilot production build is complete, and we’re working with our production facility on the main release production build.

No we have some light at the end of the tunnel.  The most obvious question still is “When is the release date?”.  Luckily for SiliconDust, Ceton is still working with a backlog of orders that is months behind.  So if I wanted to take my money elsewhere it would still be about 3 months until I had a tuner in hand.  At this rate CableCard may be an obsolete technology by the time these tuners become readily available.

Do you have a Ceton tuner or plan on buying one? Are you waiting on the Prime?


HD HomeRun for $99.99 shipped

Radio Shack has the HD HomeRun Dual QAM network tuner for $100.  That is a great price for a great tuner.  I have one and about 80% of my shows are recorded off of it since the majority of what I record is network TV.  The frees up the cable card tuners for everyday TV surfing and tuning in kids shows.  Run, don’t walk!

Thanks to Geek Tonic for the heads up!

One step closer to a PC as an extender

Engadget HD has a post about the new amendments to the Cable Card spec just announced by CableLabs.  The first and most important for Media Center users is that cable card tuners can now be shared across the network. 

Ceton has already said that their tuners could be shared but the feature was disabled due to the CableLabs spec.  Well now they can turn that feature back on via a firmware update.

This also means that Silicon Dust can enable the feature in their tuner out of the gate and the HDHomeRun Prime will work just like the regular HDHomeRun.

So now all we need is the PlayReady DRM to catch up and allow the CopyOnce content to stream to another PC in the same manner as an Extender and the dream is a reality.

Things are coming together nicely.  Slowly, but nicely.

HDHomeRun Prime – My Future Cable Card Tuner

I was originally on the Ceton cable card tuner bandwagon but I have since jumped off.  I am waiting patiently for the HDHomerun cable card tuner and now it is one step closer with an official name:  HDHomeRun Prime!


I chose to get the HDHomeRun Prime tuner after they announced that it would support 3 cable card stream off of one card at a price point of $250.  That is $150 less than the ceton tuner for only one less stream but I also get the capability to put the tuner anywhere on my network and not have to put it in my HTPC.  I may end up putting it right next to my HTPC but I at least have options.

I am hoping that this tuner will work better with my SDV tuning adapters because my SDV situation is about to get a lot worse.  More on that later.

HD HomeRun Cable Card Tuner will have 3 tuners!


Ben Drawbaugh over at Engadget HD just keeps getting the good scoops.  Not only does he have information on the new Silicon Dust HD HomeRun Cable Card tuner but he has pictures.


According to Ben the tuner will have 3 HD tuners, a USB port for tuning adapter support, the usual HD HomeRun network jack, one coax connection and power.

Check out all the details over at Engadget HD.

SiliconDust is looking for Cable Card beta testers


Run, do not walk over to SiliconDust’s sign-up page for the opportunity to beta test their new cable card HDHomeRun tuners.

According to Geek Tonic the beta sign-ups are happening now here: https://www.silicondust.com/beta/signup/

Read all the details over at Geek Tonic.

HD HomeRun for $100!!!

I love my HD HomeRun Clear QAM dual tuner!  I think when I bought mine it was around $155-$160.  About 80% of the TV I record is from network TV so the HD HomeRun does most of the heavy lifting and does it well.  I rarely have my cable card tuners tied up.

It’s a great second pair of tuners and a great tuner to start your Media Center journey.  Make sure you grab one before the price goes back up.  Thanks for the heads up Geek Tonic!

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Network Dual Digital Tuner $99.99 (124.99 less $25 with code CDYG45) with Free Shipping.  The code is good through 3/28 so don’t wait.