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Still Going Strong With Media Center

I know the blog posts have been few and far between, but I am still here and still answering comments.  I also am still an avid Media Center user with a very stable system thanks to Ceton and a dedicated HTPC.  I shared a viso diagram of my setup awhile ago and I think its time to update the model as my setup and philosophy has changed.

Here is the old setup diagram: September 2009 Diagram

Media Center System Diagram Sept. 2009

Media Center System Diagram Sept. 2009

I also was going through blog posts and I think its time to update my Moving Your Family to Media Center posts as well.  Time to get to work.


Cisco Tuning Adapter Firmware Updated

Sometime in the last 24 hours my Cisco STA1520 Tuning Adapter was updated to the latest firmware. We knew the firmware existed and was out in the wild thanks to Ben Drawbaugh over at Engadget HD but there was no specific release date. Well I finally got my update. For those that do not know I live near Charlotte, NC and I have Time Warner Cable.

It definitely was not an elegant notification on the update though. I read that Ceton had updated the InfiniTV-4 firmware and drivers so I did the update. Everything seemed to be working fine until I woke up this morning. I had an SDV issue with one of my recordings. I checked the Ceton diagnostic web page for my tuners and saw that my tuning adapters were not working properly. I then checked the firmware of the SDV adapters through the CETON diagnostic screens and sure enough the tuning adapters had been updated.

Ceton Tuner has landed

I finally got my Ceton tuner this morning.  I bought it through the Bid$Buy deal I posted on the other day.  The tuner actually shipped this past Monday and was [attempted] delivered on Tuesday but I was out of town all week with the family.  So I picked it up this morning from the FedEx Ground shipping hub where it was being held.

I am going to do a separate post on the installation with pictures but so far so good.  The install was smooth and I was up in running in no time.  I will have more impressions / comparisons in a future post as well.

Ceton Tuner for $282

I just saw this on the Missing Remote (HERE).  I hope this is legit.  I took a chance on it so we’ll see.  As of this writing they had 247 left.

It’s being sold by a company named Bid$Buy through their eBay store.  Their ratings are all 5 stars.

Here is the direct link: Ceton Tuner for $282.

I’ll let you know what happens.

Ceton Tuner now sold by Amazon

The Ceton tuner has come a long way.  It looks like the long 3 month wait between ordering and actually getting your tuner is over.  The tuner is now being sold by Amazon which means that most people will save some money by not having to pay tax.  Also if you are an Amazon Prime member you can get the tuner in 2 days!

Amazon Link

Video of Blu Ray’s in Media Center

Here is a pretty good video of playing Blu Ray movies in Media Center using Total Media Theater 5. Click on the link to check it out.

MyMovies 3 / Total Media Theater 5 / 7 MC Demo

I have Total Media Theater 5 on my home built HTPC and will be discussing it in my upcoming series on building an HTPC.

SiliconDust, Where is My HDHomeRun Prime?

hdhomerun-prime-cablecard-trituner-comes-a-single-step-closer-to-being-1SiliconDust announced a new HDHomeRun product early last year that they named HDHomeRun Prime.  Its similar to the very popular HDHomeRun product they currently sell but the prime supported CableCard with three TV streams.

A lot of enthusiasts were excited because the HDHomeRun was network enabled and an all around solid product.  Based on that the Prime had to be just as good.  When compared with Ceton’s InfiniTV 4 tuner it had one less TV stream but it was also announced to be $150 cheaper.

So far so good right?  Well there is still one problem.  IT’S STILL NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE!!!!  A number of Media Center users skipped the Ceton tuner and decided to wait for the Prime.  Well we are still waiting.

On March 8th SiliconDust posted this on their Facebook page:

HDHomeRun PRIME update: currently undergoing certification testing at CableLabs. The pilot production build is complete, and we’re working with our production facility on the main release production build.

No we have some light at the end of the tunnel.  The most obvious question still is “When is the release date?”.  Luckily for SiliconDust, Ceton is still working with a backlog of orders that is months behind.  So if I wanted to take my money elsewhere it would still be about 3 months until I had a tuner in hand.  At this rate CableCard may be an obsolete technology by the time these tuners become readily available.

Do you have a Ceton tuner or plan on buying one? Are you waiting on the Prime?