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Auto Rip n Compress

logo I was very excited to share my new method for ripping my DVD’s into my collection, but it has just not worked out.  From timing issues to things just mysteriously not working anymore.

I installed and setup a Media Center plugin called Auto Rip n Compress.  I actually ripped a few movies and it was great.  It took more than a few steps to setup, but once it was working it was a one button solution.  One Button!!!

If you feel like trying to get it to work follow the link above.  I am going to try to get my installation working again so I can post a video of how great the solution when it does work.  Oh and it supposedly works for Blu Ray discs too but I never got that far.

We’ll see after I download the latest version from the Green Button.


Essential Plug-ins

Lately it feels like I have been helping more and more people either discover Media Center or setup their own Media Center.  This activity has really had me thinking about plug-ins so I thought I would post on what are my current essential Media Center plug-ins. 

This list is ever changing so I will come back to this topic again at a later date.  So in no particular order here are my must have Media Center plug-ins:

  • TapiRex:  Once you have caller-id showing up on the TV you will never want to go back.  I know a lot of cable company DVR’s are adding this in now, but only if you have digital phone from the cable company.  I don’t have that restriction and I can edit the contact phone book so that each contact has a picture and multiple phone numbers.  This was the first plug-in I installed when I bought my Media Center.
  • Heatwave: This is a recent plug-in but I find myself using it every day.  Heatwave is basically a weather plugin.  It has a great UI and pulls it’s information from weather.com.  You can track weather for multiple cities and have shortcuts for up to 3.  Simple install and it just works.  Install it now.
  • VideoLibrary:  This is what I use to manage my TV library.  I tried MyTV, but I like this one better.  Of course it helps that it is free.  It also helps that once you get it setup, it is super simple to use and your library is on cruise control.
  • OML / Media Browser (BETA) / MyMovies: I am evaluating all three to organize my Movie Library.  I need to do a separate post on these three plug-ins so I will not put any detail here.

As you can see the list is short (I did say ESSENTIAL).  I also don’t like to add to many plug-ins because I feel like it clutters the experience and contributes to system instability.

Next post I will list my must have Media Center utilities.

So what are you must have plug-ins??  Comment below.