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Whoa! EngadgetHD hands on with Media Center TV Pack Update

Ben over at EngadgetHD has gotten his hands on the elusive and ever-so-secret Fiji/TV Pack Media Center update. He just posted a hands-on report.

The features that he highlight would improve my TV functionality and make it an all together better experience so I am very excited to get the update.

The only question is whether I will actually be able to get the update. RUMOR says that the update will be OEM only. I’m ok there since I bought my PC from Dell to take advantage of CableCard. RUMOR also says it will only ship on NEW OEM PC’s. If this is true then this BLOWS!!! I am not giving up yet on Microsoft because these just seems like a slap in the face to their hardcore customers that champion the platform.

CEDIA cannot get here fast enough!


The Video Tour

Here is a video tour of my new media center based setup. It’s in three parts.

Part 1: The Main TV

Part 2: The Upstairs TV

Part 3: Caller ID (Almost Forgot)

Still waiting on my TV Tuners

The estimated ship date on my two ATI Digital TV Tuners is still showing as March 7th on the DELL website. I called customer support to check on the order and see if there was any new information. According to the rep I spoke with the estimated ship date in his system had been updated to February 27th (aka tomorrow!!!). He also offered to try and get the order shipped next day instead of 3-5 days.

I tell you what, as a first time DELL customer I am VERY impressed and satisfied with the level of customer service I have received. It has gone above and beyond for me so far. Now granted this is in the sales cycle of my relationship with them. I hope I do not need to experience the service side, but if I do I expect and hope to get the same level of service that sales side of the house has given me so far.