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Auto Rip n Compress Working Again!

Auto Rip n Compress is working again on the media center.  I am not sure what happened last time.  I just installed the latest version of all the software and it works great.  I need to test another DVD and a Blu Ray disc but so far so good.

Right now I have installed the following:

That’s all you need.  I will post a video next week of the install and ripping process.  This is a must have for stand alone HTPC.


Auto Rip n Compress

logo I was very excited to share my new method for ripping my DVD’s into my collection, but it has just not worked out.  From timing issues to things just mysteriously not working anymore.

I installed and setup a Media Center plugin called Auto Rip n Compress.  I actually ripped a few movies and it was great.  It took more than a few steps to setup, but once it was working it was a one button solution.  One Button!!!

If you feel like trying to get it to work follow the link above.  I am going to try to get my installation working again so I can post a video of how great the solution when it does work.  Oh and it supposedly works for Blu Ray discs too but I never got that far.

We’ll see after I download the latest version from the Green Button.

Getting TV DVD Box Sets into Media Center

Here is a video I created for MNP reader Dave on how I get my TV DVD box sets into Media Center.  I am currently looking to remove VideoRedo from the process.  I think DVRMS Toolbox finally has a good way to go from VOB to DVR-MS or WTV.  Once I perfect my new method I will update the video.  Until then here is my current process.

Original ScreenToaster Link