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Remote Potato First Impressions

I installed Remote Potato this evening to give it a try.  Remote Potato is a utility for Windows Media Center that allows you to do remote scheduling via a web browser.  It also lets you see what you have scheduled  to record and a list of the shows already recorded.

I was not expecting much since its still in Beta and because it does not actually pulling the guide data from Media Center. Remote Potato is using guide data downloaded and saved in an XMLTV format.  This limitation makes the application run extremely slow.  I was accessing the web app on my local network and it would take about 25 seconds for pages to come up.  It’s not ideal but it works and is better than the alternative.

I was also concerned that the application would fail to record shows on my setup because I have remapped almost every channel in my guide and the guide data is not coming from Media Center.  To my surprise the recordings worked just fine.

There are a number things to like about Remote Potato and it’s coming along nicely.  If the developer could somehow figure out the API to get the guide data directly from Media Center then it would be freakin awesome.  At this point its cool and worth watching.  At the very least remote scheduling is back!