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Silicon Dust ready to make HDHomerun Prime Announcement?

Silicon Dust updated their Facebook page with a new profile picture and the following message yesterday: “Thursday night…need to get ready for PRIME time.”

We have been waiting for news any day now and it looks like something is right around the corner.


Ceton Tuner Finally Shipping

According to EngagetHD the Ceton Quad Cable Card tuner is finally shipping to those that pre-ordered the tuner.  While this is great news the excitement needs to be tempered a little bit since the units ready to ship will not cover all of the pre-orders placed to date.  Hopefully Ceton can get more of the tuners into the marketplace and finally build up a healthy supply.

BigScreenGlobal By Remote Beta Update

If you have been reading the blog you will know that I have been evaluating both of the current remote scheduling applications available for Media Center in Windows 7.  I am currently using BigScreenGlobal’s By Remote so I was excited to see that there is a new updated beta.  If you have not tried it out its definitely worth it.  I will write up a review / thoughts on the update in a few days.

Here is the announcement:

** Big Screen ‘by Remote’ Beta Program Announcement **

We are very proud to announce that a brand new beta version of Big Screen ‘by Remote’ (v0.6a) has been launched – and now available for download from thebigscreenglobal.com website.

The new version adds to the great functionality of the previous beta – and extends the Beta expiry date for another 3 months to 1st October, 2010 (previous v0.5x beta’s are set to expire on July 1st, 2010).

Some of new features in this v0.6a release include :-

  • A new Silverlight v4 Desktop/Browser Client (previously written for Silverlight v3). The new client has an enhanced look + feel – and makes the most the faster and leaner Silverlight v4 engine. The OOB (Out of Browser) client is also enhanced to utilize the new borderless windows and ‘trusted’ installation features.
  • Along with the extended Expiry Date (to 1-Oct-10) is a new Serial Number based activation system (found in the other Big Screen products) – which now gets the expiry date from the bigscreenglobal.com server – rather than being hardcoded into the program itself (as was done with earlier beta versions). This will allow us to further extend your expiry date in future without you having to reinstall anything (and just requires you to run the ‘reverify’ function built into the software).
    Please Note: As we have now launched Big Screen EPG – the By Remote product requires you to register for a Unique ‘By Remote’ Serial Number (which is free for all account holders on bigscreenglobal.com – and can be obtained quickly and easily from the By Remote download page).
  • Mobile Search is also now available in the XHTML and IUI (iPhone/iPad) client. Providing a basic and advanced search capability (with filtered matching – much like what is available in the Silverlight Client) – this allows you to locate programs even faster from your mobile devices. 
  • The new Local EPG Data Caching feature (available in the Silverlight client) allows you to cache EPG data on your client mchines using Silverlights Isolated Storage capabilities – making browsing even faster than before – and saves you loads of bandwidth and roundtrips back to your server. The new cache settings dialog allows you to enable/disable caching as well as configure cache expiry times, view cache details, wipe the cache and adjust the actual size of the local cache.

We’d love for you to come and check it out – so please stop in to the product page at http://bigscreenglobal.com/bgproduct.aspx?PID=BSRV1 to find out more – and signup + download the new release. (Registration is completely free!).

You can also check out some screenshots of the new version – and read some more detailed information at our blog page – http://mobilewares.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!78533A1A2E078194!8124.entry – or follow us on the twitter account ‘niall_bigscreen’ to get instant news as it comes to hand.

HDHomeRun Prime – My Future Cable Card Tuner

I was originally on the Ceton cable card tuner bandwagon but I have since jumped off.  I am waiting patiently for the HDHomerun cable card tuner and now it is one step closer with an official name:  HDHomeRun Prime!


I chose to get the HDHomeRun Prime tuner after they announced that it would support 3 cable card stream off of one card at a price point of $250.  That is $150 less than the ceton tuner for only one less stream but I also get the capability to put the tuner anywhere on my network and not have to put it in my HTPC.  I may end up putting it right next to my HTPC but I at least have options.

I am hoping that this tuner will work better with my SDV tuning adapters because my SDV situation is about to get a lot worse.  More on that later.

HD HomeRun Cable Card Tuner will have 3 tuners!


Ben Drawbaugh over at Engadget HD just keeps getting the good scoops.  Not only does he have information on the new Silicon Dust HD HomeRun Cable Card tuner but he has pictures.


According to Ben the tuner will have 3 HD tuners, a USB port for tuning adapter support, the usual HD HomeRun network jack, one coax connection and power.

Check out all the details over at Engadget HD.

SiliconDust is looking for Cable Card beta testers


Run, do not walk over to SiliconDust’s sign-up page for the opportunity to beta test their new cable card HDHomeRun tuners.

According to Geek Tonic the beta sign-ups are happening now here: https://www.silicondust.com/beta/signup/

Read all the details over at Geek Tonic.

HD HomeRun for $100!!!

I love my HD HomeRun Clear QAM dual tuner!  I think when I bought mine it was around $155-$160.  About 80% of the TV I record is from network TV so the HD HomeRun does most of the heavy lifting and does it well.  I rarely have my cable card tuners tied up.

It’s a great second pair of tuners and a great tuner to start your Media Center journey.  Make sure you grab one before the price goes back up.  Thanks for the heads up Geek Tonic!

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Network Dual Digital Tuner $99.99 (124.99 less $25 with code CDYG45) with Free Shipping.  The code is good through 3/28 so don’t wait.