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BSOD, How I Hate You

If I see another Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on my Media Center I think I might drive up to Redmond and punch someone in the face.  I am soooo sick and tired of getting a BSOD with no rhyme or reason behind it.  I just needed to rant.  I will explain more later today.


Silicon Dust ready to make HDHomerun Prime Announcement?

Silicon Dust updated their Facebook page with a new profile picture and the following message yesterday: “Thursday night…need to get ready for PRIME time.”

We have been waiting for news any day now and it looks like something is right around the corner.

Windows Embedded Media Center Boxes

Well it looks like something that I was predicting is coming true, partially.  The first Media Center dedicated boxes with Windows 7 Embedded are being shown to the public.  Check out what Acer and Asus are showing over at EngadgetHD.

CEDIA is just around the corner and I am expecting/hoping that Microsoft is going to show some support and love to these systems to help build the ecosystem.  It would be great to be able to share protected recorded TV and recording schedules with these devices.  Time will tell.

My WHS Nightmare Came True

It’s now good news / bad news with the home server.  Good news is that its back alive and running better than ever with the new system drive.  Bad news is that it came back with all the drives wiped clean.

I chose to do a “System Recovery” instead of a “factory reset” because it was supposed to preserve your data.  Well there was issues getting it to work properly at first but thanks to help from HP I finally accomplished what should have been a system recovery.  Not sure how or why all the drives were wiped.

All is not lost but it’s going to be a long road back.  I basically have to remove all the drives and one by one attach them to my desktop PC and use a data recovery tool (Recuva) to copy my files locally onto my desktop PC, then add the drive back into the home server pool and then copy the files back.  This could take the better part of of week.

What a nightmare.

My WHS died last night

My wife and I were in the middle of watching a recorded show in Media Center that was stored on the Windows Home Server.  Right at the end the show froze which I assumed was a network issue.  Turns out that the home server died. 

I am in the process of performing a system recovery to try to bring it back without losing 8 TB worth of data.  It has gone well so far but seems to now be stuck try to initialize the home server for the first time.  It looks like the main system drive is having problems which means I will need to replace it.  The screen says that it can take up to a few hours to initialize but it’s been 5 hours so far and I am not to optimistic.

Sad day.

HD HomeRun for $99.99 shipped

Radio Shack has the HD HomeRun Dual QAM network tuner for $100.  That is a great price for a great tuner.  I have one and about 80% of my shows are recorded off of it since the majority of what I record is network TV.  The frees up the cable card tuners for everyday TV surfing and tuning in kids shows.  Run, don’t walk!

Thanks to Geek Tonic for the heads up!

One step closer to a PC as an extender

Engadget HD has a post about the new amendments to the Cable Card spec just announced by CableLabs.  The first and most important for Media Center users is that cable card tuners can now be shared across the network. 

Ceton has already said that their tuners could be shared but the feature was disabled due to the CableLabs spec.  Well now they can turn that feature back on via a firmware update.

This also means that Silicon Dust can enable the feature in their tuner out of the gate and the HDHomeRun Prime will work just like the regular HDHomeRun.

So now all we need is the PlayReady DRM to catch up and allow the CopyOnce content to stream to another PC in the same manner as an Extender and the dream is a reality.

Things are coming together nicely.  Slowly, but nicely.