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Ceton Tuner has landed

I finally got my Ceton tuner this morning.  I bought it through the Bid$Buy deal I posted on the other day.  The tuner actually shipped this past Monday and was [attempted] delivered on Tuesday but I was out of town all week with the family.  So I picked it up this morning from the FedEx Ground shipping hub where it was being held.

I am going to do a separate post on the installation with pictures but so far so good.  The install was smooth and I was up in running in no time.  I will have more impressions / comparisons in a future post as well.


One Response

  1. Do this BEFORE you set-up the tuner in MC (it’ll save you having to do it over). Run the diagnostic utility and it’ll check your FW and HW versions. I think the current FW is and HW is 4884. If that’s not what is on the card, it will offer your the updates. They download and install on their own BUT you need to do it in the following order:
    1. Do the FW update and then reboot your computer
    2. Do the HW update if need and then shut down (power off) your computer
    Now restart and you can proceed with MC set-up (assuming you have the CableCARD installed and paired).
    You’ll need another TA to cover the four tuners but you’ll find that they work much better than with the ATI DCT.
    Good Luck


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