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Video of Blu Ray’s in Media Center

Here is a pretty good video of playing Blu Ray movies in Media Center using Total Media Theater 5. Click on the link to check it out.

MyMovies 3 / Total Media Theater 5 / 7 MC Demo

I have Total Media Theater 5 on my home built HTPC and will be discussing it in my upcoming series on building an HTPC.


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  1. While TMT 5 supports some rare formats, that PowerDVD doesn’t handle, PowerDVD 12 runs much more stable and less clunky for standard 2D bluray and especially 3D (with and without switching refresh rates). PowerDVD can even comfortably handle the most demanding 3D bluray movie while Aero glass is in full effect without a hitch. I have TMT 5 installed for when I want to play my old HD-DVDs. However, PowerDVD 12 is definitely my choice for any recent standard movie format whether on disc or HDD. PowerDVD works particularly well with 4th/5th generation Nvidia PureVideo HD.

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