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SiliconDust, Where is My HDHomeRun Prime?

hdhomerun-prime-cablecard-trituner-comes-a-single-step-closer-to-being-1SiliconDust announced a new HDHomeRun product early last year that they named HDHomeRun Prime.  Its similar to the very popular HDHomeRun product they currently sell but the prime supported CableCard with three TV streams.

A lot of enthusiasts were excited because the HDHomeRun was network enabled and an all around solid product.  Based on that the Prime had to be just as good.  When compared with Ceton’s InfiniTV 4 tuner it had one less TV stream but it was also announced to be $150 cheaper.

So far so good right?  Well there is still one problem.  IT’S STILL NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE!!!!  A number of Media Center users skipped the Ceton tuner and decided to wait for the Prime.  Well we are still waiting.

On March 8th SiliconDust posted this on their Facebook page:

HDHomeRun PRIME update: currently undergoing certification testing at CableLabs. The pilot production build is complete, and we’re working with our production facility on the main release production build.

No we have some light at the end of the tunnel.  The most obvious question still is “When is the release date?”.  Luckily for SiliconDust, Ceton is still working with a backlog of orders that is months behind.  So if I wanted to take my money elsewhere it would still be about 3 months until I had a tuner in hand.  At this rate CableCard may be an obsolete technology by the time these tuners become readily available.

Do you have a Ceton tuner or plan on buying one? Are you waiting on the Prime?


7 Responses

  1. Arrgh!! So sorry that Silicone Dust still hasn’t gotten that out. It is unreal that we are 1.5 YEARS out from that CEDIA shows we attended and the CableCARD/Media Center combo is still moving at a snail’s pace.

    I saw yesterday that Microsoft is discontinuing the Zune portable players line. That company’s CE division is in utter disarray. It is unreal to see them have all the components of a killer home life ecosystem and just blow it. Charlie Owens said that I am suffering from “Jetson’s Syndrome”, to which I say, “Touche”. Absolutely incredible.

  2. I’m ready to buy a cable card tuner and was hoping the Prime would be available by now.

    I’m going to give it another month or so and then order whatever is available.

  3. Still waiting also. I have also been holding out, Ceton is much more$$$, and backlogged as you say. I switched to cable recently just to be able to become a total WMC household, and so far no dice on a cablecard tuner. The supplied cable box tuner/DVR is horrible! As for cablecards being obsolete, I don’t think anyone has come up with a better option, have they? I would expect they’ll be around for awhile.

  4. http://cablelabs.org/certqual/

    The next three meetings that will pass on certification are April 7, May 5th and Jun 23rd. At that point SD can get certs and start production or if they have any made that pass, start flashing FW and Certs into the devices. So they won’t be available before those dates and which dates depend on when they actually supplied the final device and documents to CableLabs. I would hope for May 5th, but they might be in CW83 which would be June 23rd.

  5. I’ve had my Ceton card for over a month and could not be more pleased. The quality of the picture for cable channels is stunning. I finally have what I could have had with COMCAST DVR with limited storage or a TIVO with limited tuners.

    Ceton promises tuner sharing with a future firmware upgrade. This move takes away the HDHomeRun’s distinguishing feature.

    I’d bet on the Ceton and put your money down. Delays may get worse with the tragedy in Japan.

  6. Dave – Do have SDV and use tuning adapters with the Ceton tuner?

  7. Got mine Tuesday 9/20/2011! 🙂

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