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BSOD, How I Hate You

If I see another Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on my Media Center I think I might drive up to Redmond and punch someone in the face.  I am soooo sick and tired of getting a BSOD with no rhyme or reason behind it.  I just needed to rant.  I will explain more later today.


3 Responses

  1. I was feeling your pain a while back… there was nothing pointing to an answer as to why I was getting random BSODs… I started taking out hardware and it turned out that my cheap PCI audio card was the problem. After taking that out no more BSODs.

    My guess is it is a driver.

  2. All the more reason to only consider the new embedded version of Media Center… Its why Apple controls hardware specs so tightly. Sorry to hear about the problems!

  3. I still do not know 100% what’s wrong. I am working on converting this box over to an embedded install. More on that as I get to it.

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