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Windows Embedded Media Center Boxes

Well it looks like something that I was predicting is coming true, partially.  The first Media Center dedicated boxes with Windows 7 Embedded are being shown to the public.  Check out what Acer and Asus are showing over at EngadgetHD.

CEDIA is just around the corner and I am expecting/hoping that Microsoft is going to show some support and love to these systems to help build the ecosystem.  It would be great to be able to share protected recorded TV and recording schedules with these devices.  Time will tell.


2 Responses

  1. Yep! With DLNA, I don’t see how they can’t allow protected content to be viewed from a “family” of, say, up to 8 networked devices. Honestly, If I were them, I’d go with a standalone network tuner, then have every device on the network be the same. If they could integrate pooled tuners, recorded tv, and guide data, then it would be perfect – except for one thing: branding. They need to call it something like “AcerHome” or “Asus Home” to make sure consumers know it is a whole-house, expandable system.

    MS would be smart to let Windows Phone 7 devices be licensed clients in the network so one could watch recorded TV on the go.

  2. great, this is something I’ve been awiting for, for a while now, I just hope Sony will embed it also 🙂

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