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My WHS died last night

My wife and I were in the middle of watching a recorded show in Media Center that was stored on the Windows Home Server.  Right at the end the show froze which I assumed was a network issue.  Turns out that the home server died. 

I am in the process of performing a system recovery to try to bring it back without losing 8 TB worth of data.  It has gone well so far but seems to now be stuck try to initialize the home server for the first time.  It looks like the main system drive is having problems which means I will need to replace it.  The screen says that it can take up to a few hours to initialize but it’s been 5 hours so far and I am not to optimistic.

Sad day.


2 Responses

  1. sad day indeed.. do you think its due to virus or some HP patch? Hope your data is recovered..

  2. No, not a virus. The system drive has been acting up. I was hoping I could repair with CHKDSK or another utility but that is not the case. Silver lining is that it was small at 500GB. Part of that is reserved for the OS and another part for duplicated data. Hopefully when I put the new drive in I can get all the rest back with no problem.

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