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I am a guest on the Windows Media Center Show

The latest episode of the Windows Media Center Show was just posted and I am the guest this week.  Click on over to Ian Dixon’s website to listen.

For those of you discovering the site after listening to this weeks episode, Welcome.  I hope you like what you see and decide to stay and subscribe.  The purpose of the blog is to talk about Windows Media Center and HTPC’s from a layman’s perspective.  I try to stick to what an enthusiast would want to do in their home without getting overly complicated.

Check out the last post to see what’s coming up in the next few weeks and thanks again for dropping by.

– Andres


4 Responses

  1. GREAT job! You sounded great, and I am really glad that Ian didn’t try to lock into a framework because every topic you covered was interesting. Glad to hear some more about how the outdoor movie screen has worked out and also glad to hear that you are getting a lot of stability out of the new PC.

    I’m interesting in hearing more about your SDV troubles. I was pretty solid here in Raleigh until I sold my ATI tuners. When I install the Ceton card I’m probably going to to a clean wipe of my system. Hopefully I can get the CallerID to work at that point.

    The latest irritation is that the installation of DVRMSToolbox changed the codecs such that Windows Live Movie Maker will not work with my AVCHD files from my Canon HD camcorder. grr.

  2. Awesome!! you are hereby the first person i personally know featured on a podcast… am proud of you (and me).. lol.
    btw, are your extenders running terribly slow after any update? mine is crawling for some reason (tried everything)

  3. Vick,

    My extenders are still working fine. I am having networking issues with my Windows Home Server though.

  4. Yes. i just came back here to tell you that it is a network issue with my windows home server… nothing to do with extenders as such.

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