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HDHomeRun Prime – My Future Cable Card Tuner

I was originally on the Ceton cable card tuner bandwagon but I have since jumped off.  I am waiting patiently for the HDHomerun cable card tuner and now it is one step closer with an official name:  HDHomeRun Prime!


I chose to get the HDHomeRun Prime tuner after they announced that it would support 3 cable card stream off of one card at a price point of $250.  That is $150 less than the ceton tuner for only one less stream but I also get the capability to put the tuner anywhere on my network and not have to put it in my HTPC.  I may end up putting it right next to my HTPC but I at least have options.

I am hoping that this tuner will work better with my SDV tuning adapters because my SDV situation is about to get a lot worse.  More on that later.


8 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I too have decided to jump ship from the Ceton Tuner. I am actually glad they delayed shipmentt, if not i would have been 400 down. Like you pointed out the limitation of having the card stuck in one PC is very big…what if the computer crashes or needs a reboot. Then everyone in the whole house would be with no TV and tha is not good for the wife acceptance factor. I think i might pick up two HD Primes. Do you know where the recorded content is stored though? On the computer that hits the record button?

  2. The shows will record on the Media Center that the HDHomeRun is paired with. Unfortunately due to Cable Labs limitation you can only pair the Cable Card streams to one PC at a time. It will not work like the clear qam streams. If an when that Cable Labs restriction is removed then you would be able to have multiple PCs that can grab any unused stream over the network.

  3. Hey Andres,

    Thanks for the reply!

    Oh I see so if I pair the card to computer A everything that is recorded from computer A, B, and xbox360 will be stored in computer A?

    What sort of CPU requirements generally speaking should a computer have to achieve smooth live tv streaming?

  4. You can only record to Computer A. After recording, the content can be stored on Computer A or on any attached/networked storage device.

    If the content is copy protected it can only be played back on Computer A or any extender attached to computer A. If the content is not copy protected then it can be played back on any computer or extender.

    The copy protection flag all depends on your cable provider. Time Warner marks everything as copy protected for me. Verizon FIOS does not mark anything copy protected.

  5. Nice I have FIOS!
    To my undestanding you can use the HDHR Prime on more than one PC as long only one PC is accessing it the only exclusion is the xbox which can use a free tuner while the other is being used by a PC.
    What PC requirments are necessary for a smooth live tv viewing. I image minimal since the HDHR must to do all the video processing and encoding.

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  7. So If I choose my WHS (windows home server) to store my recorded video.. would that allow me to freely view all the recordings on any computer attached to my home network?

  8. Unfortunately, only if the recordings for that channel are not set to Copy Protected by the Cable company. If you are using extenders off of 1 main Media Center then the answer is yes.

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