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Time Warner Cuts to New Lineup Today

Well today is the day that Time Warner Cable will start to roll out their new channel lineup in the Charlotte, NC area.  My house sits right in the first wave.  I checked this morning before I left for the day job and the old line-up was still working. I thought they would have done the cut over in the middle of the night but it looks like they have not.  Unfortunately I do not have a cable box to verify so I will have to rely on other family members to see if their lineup has changed.

I also checked Zap2It’s website and it looks like they are ready too.  I have been wondering if they would be ready on time and how they were planning on handling the update.  It looks like they have just created an entirely new Time Warner Cable Digital lineup for my area instead of updating the existing one.  So I will need to run the TV setup and choose the new lineup and I should be good to go.  Then Zap2It can just phase out the old lineup over time.

I guess we will see what happens when I get home.


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