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Getting TV DVD Box Sets into Media Center

Here is a video I created for MNP reader Dave on how I get my TV DVD box sets into Media Center.  I am currently looking to remove VideoRedo from the process.  I think DVRMS Toolbox finally has a good way to go from VOB to DVR-MS or WTV.  Once I perfect my new method I will update the video.  Until then here is my current process.

Original ScreenToaster Link


9 Responses

  1. Man, I feel slow on my computer after watching that!! 🙂 Great audio, BTW. Are you using that gaming mic from that XBox360 game?

  2. I did use the microphone that came with Rock Band on the Xbox 360. I also used the new beta version of Screentoaster.

  3. Thanks this is genius. I just finished season one Of sons of anarchy and I’m loving this. In a seemingly unrelated topic, how do you handle movies like “robin hood:prince of thieves” in Which the movie is contained on two discs? I imagine that’s a feature of redo after ripping each disc to the hard drive. I just can’t seem to locate any documentaion on this. I still have to set up media broweser and wish mymovies had tv show support but oh well. Thanks again- cheers. Dave

  4. I actually have one of these DVD’s. I have Rosewood on DVD which is one of the old Warner Bros. flipper discs. I ripped it and joined it using VideoRedo and it works so much better than the DVD. Also works great for those Lord of the Rings DVD’s with the movie spread out across two discs.

    I’ll create a new video and get it posted up tomorrow.

  5. Thanks- that’s so great. I always appretiate how you take input and address your readers concerns. I’m a Uverse customer so no cable card action for me unfortunatly. So these movie slash tv show posts are the most interesting to
    me. Although I’m anxious for you to create a blu-Ray to mediacenter and extender option….. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

  6. I just bought my first Bu-Ray drive. I am working on the Blu-Ray ripping guide now. It’s been pretty cool so far.

    Also, as a U-verse customer you have a lot to look forward to with Media Center. 4 Live TV streams with NO HARDWARE TUNERS!! I may switch to U-verse at that point.

  7. Uverse has it’s benefits but I don’t actually believe any of that cool stuff will come to fruition.
    Ps I don’t need a video guide for the double sided disk connundrum. I think a quick step by step guide would totally suffice.


  8. Are you still planning on making that guide, or have you moved on to greener pastures?
    Thanks d.

  9. Still planning on it. I have been traveling for the past 3 weeks and I am now catching up.

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