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Time Warner finally cleans up the channel lineup

Time Warner Cable in the Charlotte, NC area is finally addressing one of my biggest pet peeves with their service:  the organization of their channel lineup. 

If you live in the area then you probably received a letter in the mail with a flyer showing the new lineup that starts on March 30, 2010.  Click the image below for a PDF copy of the new lineup.

new time warner lineup

This annoyed me so much that I could not wait for Time Warner and used the features within Media Center to organize the channels in a way that made sense for me.  Click the image below to see what my custom line-up looks like:


The ironic part of it is that Time Warner’s new lineup looks a lot like mine.  Almost as if they sneaked a copy of my lineup.  For example, let’s look at my “Family” group versus the new “Kids & Family”:

Family Kids & Family
50 ABC Family HD 200 Disney Channel East (HD – 1200)
51 Disney Channel HD 201 Disney Channel West
52 Disney Chanel West 202 Disney XD
53 Disney XD 205 Nickelodeon
54 Cartoon Network HD 206 Nick Jr
55 Boomerang 207 Nicktoons
56 Nickelodeon 208 TeenNick
57 Nicktoons 210 PBS Kids Sprout
58 Nick Jr 211 Discovery Kids
59 UNC Kids 213 Cartoon Network (HD – 1213)
60 PBS Kids Sprout 214 Boomerang
61 Discovery Kids 215 ABC Family (HD – 1215)
62 TeenNick 216 TV Land
63 TV Land 218 Hallmark Channel
64 Hallmark Channel 221 Family Network
65 FamilyNet 222 American Life TV

As you can see the channel lineups are almost the same except they have more gaps in their numbering.  Also they still have channels in the guide multiple times such as Disney Channel which stays in the non digital tier at 54 and is also at 200 in standard definition grouped with the other Family channels and is also at 1200 in HD.  On my customized lineup Disney Channel shows up once at 51 and in the best quality available.  The channel shows up on all my TV’s regardless of if they are HD or not (I still have on SD set left in the house).

Based on the new grouping I will definitely have less work to do to get my lineup the way I want but I still cannot use their lineup by default.  At the very least I need to remove the duplicates and replace all the SD version of channels with the HD counterpart but that’s pretty much it.  I really do not need to reorder or renumber the channels.

The only thing I am worried about now is that Zap2It updates my guide data correctly and on time so that I do not miss any recordings.  We will see what happens.


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