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Ceton Tuners – Good News, Bad News

Good news first:

Ben Drawbaugh from Endgaget HD is reporting that the Ceton tuners are now available for pre-order.  You can go get in line now for you 1 card / 4 streams Cable Card goodness.  It’s at a website called Zones.com that I have not heard of before. 

Here is the pre-order link: Ceton InfiniTV 4 at Zones.com

Now the bad news:

The release date has been pushed back by to months from March 31st to May 31st.  Also Zones.com is selling the card for $478.99 instead of the $399.99 price that was announced a few months ago.  Not sure what’s up with that.

I think I may wait until Amazon.com starts shipping them for $399.99 before I pull the trigger.


3 Responses

  1. They are actually $399, Ceton staff confirmed it’s a misprint by zones. Isn’t the bad news that only one remote PC can access the card at once ; you can’t split streams between clients?

  2. I just pulled the trigger!! The price is displaying $399, now, so not to worry. This takes the pressure off of me to sell my ATI tuners on eBay tomorrow. I’ll bet the market there will remain a seller’s market for a few more weeks now. Now that the rest of the basketball tourney is on QAM channels, I may just ditch to the whole CableHD thing until football picks back up in September. The ONLY thing preventing me from doing so (and saving a total of $50 in the process), is dealing with TWC’s idiotic truck-roll process.

  3. I wouldn’t wait for Amazon. According to the newsletter the only pre-order will be Zone.com and the price is now $399.00.

    It looks as if the pre-orders will be the first production run of the tuner and just how long it will be before a second run is made is something that Ceton will decide based on the response to the first batch–I would guess along with OEM partners, etc.

    In short, if you’re interested in getting one of these by May 31 and not for Christmas, it would be wise to consider placing a pre-order. They will not be charging your card until the item ships.

    Also a note on networking that applies to the Ceton card and the SD CCHR under development. While you can share the tuner over a network, you can’t split the tuners between computers. It’s per cablecard not per tuner and therefore the Ceton would be just a remote location for four tuners and the SD HR would be a remote location for two tuners but no splitting, no sharing. (This is a OCUR rrequirement from cablelabs according to Jeremey at Ceton).


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