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The blog is growing and changing

Over the next few days I will be organizing a lot of the content on the blog and redesigning the layout so that the information is easier to find and to allow the content here to be used by anyone starting out with Media Center or wondering what this Media Center thing is all about.

The purpose of the blog and the site has always been for those starting out and what I would call the average enthusiast versus the hardcore enthusiast. You may not really care about bit-streaming audio but you may have questions about connecting a PC to a receiver and getting Dolby Digital surround sound out.

The other portion of the blog update is a possible move to WordPress to allow for this deep organization. I am currently evaluating this and thinking hard about this move because I do not want to lose any readers.

Please stay with me as I think the site will be a lot more valuable as a starting point resource and community as we move forward into 2010.


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