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Ceton tuner can run over the network!

HDHomerun stole some of the Ceton thunder at CES last month when they announced a dual tuner cable card product that would work over the network. Media Center enthusiasts where extremely excited at the possibility of setups this introduced including ditching Media Center extenders and using a full PC only setup.

Well it looks like more options are here as Jeremy Hammer has announced via the Green Button that the Ceton 4 stream tuner will work over the network too. Jeremy writes:

Computer A: Install Ceton MOCUR; Select “Ethernet Network” and “Ceton MOCUR Network”; Right click, bridge networks.

Computer B (Note: No tuners installed): Open MC; Go through setup. 4 tuners found.

Note: This was blocked behavior with the ATI OCUR driver. It is not blocked with our driver.

Here is the whole thread: Post at 4:23pm

Things just got a lot more interesting. I think that HDHomerun just lost a few customers. With the Ceton tuner having 2 more streams and an actual release date this seems like the tuner to get.


3 Responses

  1. interesting.. i read the engadget post too about it too. But it is more complicated than hdhomerun i still think.. will read up

  2. So far I've been avoiding CableCard and I've lived with ATSC/Clear QAM HD along with analog basic cable. I use a TivoHD in the living room, and Win7 media center for the bedroom, basement and office. Last week I got a message from Tivo indicating that Comcast in my area will be ditching analog cable. If I want to stick with cable then I need to switch to CableCard. I've been reluctant to dump my TivoHD for media center because my Linksys extender and XBox 360 are far from perfect. I already have an HDHomeRun that I love, so I wasn't seriously considering the Ceton tuner. I might have to rethink that once it comes out. I don't need 4 streams, so if the HDHomeRun is cheaper and it comes out this year I'll probably go that route instead.

  3. @cckrobinson: I think you will be happy with cable card with the new tuners. The ATI tuner was a test product that was shoved out the door as a final consumer product when it was not. The Ceton tuner has been in development for awhile and thoroughly tested. By the time it actually comes out I know some personally who would have had it and tested it for a year. He had the ATI tuners and the problems that came with them and I can report that those are thing of the past. It finally just works.As far as Silicon Dust we know they make solid products as I too am a happy owner of a HDHomeRun tuner.The Ceton 4 stream tuner will be $400 and comes out at the end of March. The HDHomeRun 2 stream tuner will be $250 and come out sometime in 2010.I currently have 2 Cable Card tuners and the Clear QAM tuners and 95% of the time that's enough. There have been a few times that it was an issue but none to complain about. I will be replacing my tuners with the Ceton card more for stability than anything but I welcome having more than enough tuner streams so that conflicts are a thing of the past.

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