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Microsoft CES Keynote – Live Stream

Microsoft CES Keynote – Live Stream

11:12 pm EST: Ok so from a Media Center perspective there was almost nothing.  The mentioned the Ceton tuner in passing.  The showed an update to MediaRoom that seems to be integrated into Media Center but it was not 100% spelled out.  No word on anything else.  The show officially starts tomorrow.  Let’s see if anything else comes out.

11:03 pm EST: They are showing some cool Xbox stuff but all the videos are blocked from the stream.

10:50 pm EST: So far no real new Media Center news to report.

10:45 pm EST: Reintroducing the slate PC.  Will they have Media Center still built in?

10:43 pm EST: Showing a convergence of the content on multiple devices.  Very cool but when will it be a reality??

10:42 pm EST: MediaRoom coming to Xbox 360 later this year.  If Uverse is in your area you can use the 360 as your Uverse DVR.

10:40 pm EST: Microsoft Media Room being made available on the PC.  Will this be in Windows Media Center?  Could this allow me to use Uverse with my Media Center?????

10:38 pm EST: There was a new strip named Silverlight Movies.  Hmmmm…  What is that?

10:36 pm EST: Showing Internet TV in Media Center.  So far nothing new to this crowd.

10:34 pm EST: Showing Windows Media Center with the Ceton Cable Card.  Recording 4 HD streams at one time.

10:27 pm EST: Talking about small form factor PCs to power your TV in the lineup of all the different types of PC.  Nothing more than a mention.

10:22 pm EST: I’m going to fall asleep waiting on the Media Center announcements.

10:18 pm EST: Still talking about what they did in 2009.

10:10 pm EST: Going over 2009 accolades.

10:06 pm EST: Microsoft believes in Screens Everywhere, powered by the cloud and enabled by natural user interfaces.  This is there focus.

10:04 pm EST: Seth Myers comedy bit.

10:02 pm EST: Live video stream is about 10 – 15 seconds behind Engadget Live Blog.

10:00 pm EST: CEA President welcoming everyone to CES and introducing Steve Ballmer.

9:57 pm EST: The stream audio is stuttering!  This is annoying.  Showing a video about what CES is all about.

9:56 pm EST: Finally!

9:53 pm EST: Ok, maybe I typed to fast.

9:50 pm EST: Here we go!

9:48 pm EST: Media Center just scrolled across on the pre-conference filler video.  It had a logo on a TV, PC and portable device that read: “2 More”.  Wonder what that’s about.

9:46 pm EST: Now it says that it starts in 5 mins.  Resolution on the stream seems to be going up and down a little bit.

9:45 pm EST: Still waiting.  Hopefully the power issues can be resolved quickly.

9:43 pm EST: It would be nice if they were streaming this in HD.  Definitely noticeable when watching on the TV.

9:41 pm EST: Stream is running.  Click the link at the top and make sure you have Silverlight.

9:40 pm EST: Ian Dixon is reporting power problems at the keynote. Link

9:36 pm EST: So far this is not what I consider a live stream 🙂

9:33 pm EST: Am I missing something?  Still no link to start the live stream.

9:30 pm EST: Where is the stream???

9:27 pm EST: Waiting on the live stream for the Microsoft keynote to come up.  Now that I have the PC hooked up to the TV I will be watching it on the big screen.  I hope extenders show up!!!


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