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Silicon Dust to annouce Cable Card product at CES

My Network Project reader Dana (thanks!) has sent in a link to breaking news over at GeekTonic.com (full story). Looks like Silicon Dust will be getting into the Cable Card business and will make the announcement this week at CES.

This news is exciting for HTPC enthusiasts for two reasons. The first is that all of the hopes for new Cable Card tuners no longer rests on the shoulders of Ceton. I still have faith that Ceton will deliver a great product but now we have choices and competition which at the end of the day will be good for HTPC consumers and also help broaden the market for HTPC’s.

The second reason to get excited is because it’s Silicon Dust producing it. Most enthusiast HTPC setups (mine included) have an HD Homerun as part of their TV tuner pool. It is a quality product that just works and it has great support via the forums and constant software/firmware updates. We can only expect that the Cable Card tuners will get the same respect from Silicon Dust.

CES officially starts on Thursday but kicks off with a keynote from Microsoft Wednesday night. Unfortunately I will not be in Vegas in person for CES this year but I will be grabbing as much news as possible and posting here as it comes across the wire.


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