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Media Center App Store

MFMC_Logo iTunes and the iPhone have introduced every to the notion of an App Store.  One central location to get everything you need for your device or ecosystem.  Now Media Center has the same thing thanks to the Digital Lifestyle.

Made for Media Center is being positioned as the App Store for Media Center.  It is an open market that allows developers to submit their Media Center plugins and utilities and gives end users a one-stop location for Media Center plugins and utilties.

The site is still in Beta and the UI is still a little rough in my opinion but it has the pertinent information that you need.  You need to setup an account to download directly from the site but I think it will be well worth it as the site expands.  The team is already thinking ahead by creating a Media Center plugin so that you can browse the App Store from within Media Center.

Go check out the site.  I think this is a great step forward in creating a cohesive Media Center ecosystem for the enthusiast and for those that will be getting into Media Center in 2010.

The Digital Lifestyle Article


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