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More Google Wave Invites

Google Wave

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I have 8 more Google Wave invites.  The first 8 requests via email or comments get the invites.

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12 Responses

  1. Hi, I would appreciate an invite if you are able to spare one. Thanks, it will be a great early Christmas gift.Have a good weekend.Erick

  2. I just need an email address.

  3. Hi, I would love an invite to catch your media center wave. I'll be building a new network from the ground up starting next month when we finally return to the states and love your blog! Plus, getting to play with Google's latest toy would also be nice.Jeff in Germany jeffterk@googlemail.com

  4. I would really like an invite. I have been following your blog daily since you worked on memcoder proper. Great work!Joshuajhauser159@aol.com

  5. Hi Andres, sorry. I thought it would be in my original post.surfbaja@gmail.comThanks again,Erick

  6. AndresI would like one so I can see your work on the TA and other cablecard posts.Johnjohnw248 at aol dot com

  7. Hello,I would love an invite to Google Wave if you still have any available. trinitycubed at gmail.comThanks so much,Stephanie

  8. Email sent. Thanks!

  9. Everyone that has posted a comment so far has been sent an invite.

  10. Just got my invite, thanks Andres!

  11. I received my invite as well.Thank you very much, I appreciate it!Erick

  12. I'd love an invite if they're still available. A friend just linked me to your blog recently, I look forward to future updates.Stevescoverby@gmail.com

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