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Google Wave Started

Google Wave

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I just started the first Google Wave for My Network Project readers.  The topic of the first wave is TV tuners and everything that goes with them (cable card, tuning adapters, guide setup, etc).  I have not really used Google Wave before so I am going to try and use as many features as I can.  Feel free to do the same.

For those that requested Google Wave invites I have already added you to the Wave.  For those that want to join and already have a Google Wave account just search for the wave using the following phrase including the quotes:

tag:"My Network Project"

Let the experiment begin.

UPDATED:  Thanks to the comments I have updated the search term.

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7 Responses

  1. probably just me, but I can't find it !

  2. I can not find it either. I seem to be on Wave Island.

  3. Paul,Did you do the Tag search?

  4. Ok, please try again. I don't think I made it public the first time.

  5. Is this limited to only those who have a Google Wave account? If not can you post a link or at least post the information here for the rest of us??John

  6. This is limited to those with a Google Wave account. I will post the transcript on the blog though.The next thing I plan on doing is using my Google Voice number to have live round table discussions on a particular topic and then post a recording of the conversation to the blog. That will be open to everyone.

  7. Ok, got a wave account, see you under contacts, but My Network Project returns no results, clicking on you and recent waves returns no results. What am I doing wrong?John

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