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Sports Game Alerts

I was browsing through the Sports Lounge strip in Media Center today and came across an option that looks very interesting under the leagues section.  Look at this screenshot:

gamealerts Under each league there are multiple options of what you can see for that sports league.  One of the options is “Show game alerts”.  My question is: how do you turn this on and how does it work?  Can you set your favorite team with an alert so that Windows Media Center alerts you when a game is on?  That would be great with basketball season.  Anyone know about this?


One Response

  1. I noticed the same option when hunting through my fresh new install of Windows 7… and was equally intrigued. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything other than the screen shot you posted. Maybe this will amount to something someday… I did notice the "FOX Sports" logo in the lower right corner of the screen, so this may be a third-party application. I was never a fan of the FOX Sports interface in Windows Vista Media Center.

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