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My Xbox 360 is dying

A XBOX 360 showing the Ring of Death.

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I do not know what happened to my Xbox 360 this past weekend.  On Friday it just started acting up and freezing on me.  It did not just freeze once and then start working again.  It is now freezing up every time I turn it on after about 5 minutes of ANY activity (playing games, Netflix streaming, navigating the dashboard, Media Center).

This Xbox is actually a refurbished Xbox after my original Xbox 360 that I camped out for on launch day back in 2005 died with the dreaded Red Rings of Death.  Its showing all the signs of another red ring but has yet to actually red ring.  Because of that it is not covered under the extended warranty and would actually cost my $100 to get it repaired.  $100!  A new arcade unit cost $200 and would have HDMI and a better motherboard.

I wish I could just go to Best Buy and pick up another one but I just can’t afford to do that right now.  My other option is to use a Linksys DMA extender but I only have two and they are in use in other rooms.  I guess I may have to hit up eBay and Craigslist to find an extender.  Of course what I really want is a working 360!!!

This blows……..

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7 Responses

  1. How about building a silent second windows 7 HTPC in place of the extender?

  2. I don't want a second HTPC because we watch a lot of live TV in that location and we would need the cable card tuners.

    What I am planning on doing is building a new HTPC with the Ceton card when it comes out and putting it under the TV with extenders else where.

    As a test run prior to that I think I may move the PC downstairs. Let the headaches begin!! (just joking I think)

  3. Do you think you could just kill it by turning it on and off enough times for it to go ahead and finish the ring?

    One thing we didn't talk about at CEDIA really was the noise factor for these units. The ones MS was displaying on the wall of TVs seemed extremely quiet, but there was a certain amount of ambient noise in the room. I wonder if 2nd time "refurbs" are really refurbs vs. just replacement units. I know the Arcade model I bought a year ago was so doggone loud that I took it back (I only intended to use it as an extender in the den – before I bought the whole cablecard system).

    Anyway, sorry to read about your almost ring.

  4. I actually thought it would have done that by now with all of the "on-Off" cycles I have gone through trying to fix it. No luck.

    As far as the noise level I really do hate it. CEDIA was so loud there was no way you were going to hear them but in the living room when the only sound is the sound of what you are trying to watch, its deafening.

    I love have the Linksys extender hooked up because it stays on and connected all the time, it's super quiet and it draws hardly any power.

    I think I am going to try and move the computer to the main TV for a week to see how I like it. It will be a trial run for building a dedicated HTPC in 2010 with a Ceton tuner.

  5. Sorry to hear about your XBOX 360. If you are planning on building a dedicated PC, then I think you are going the right route. If you just want to replace the XBOX 360, you might be able to get some deals with the holidays coming around and rebates and such. I think Microsoft had a 50$ rebate recently on XBOX 360's and some stores were also offering a similar rebate to double it.

  6. Andres, my xbox 360 just died recently as well (just as I am transitioning my family into a media center solution similar to yours), I found a "repair kit" made by team xecuter which basically replaces the clamps Microsoft uses for securing the heat sinks with actual bolts. This tends to get better contact between the GPU and CPU and the heat sinks. If you are adventurous enough to try it, it might work. I used it and my xbox came back to life and has been going strong for about 3 weeks now with no freezing at all. The kit cost me about $30 shipped on ebay, I couldn't find it any cheaper. Some other places sell it online as well. Google pro RROD kit team xecuter and you should get some hits. Hope this helps!

  7. The sad reality is that XBOX 360 consoles are really having issues with the hardware inside them. I have personally experienced a comically large list of problems: (3) 3 red lights 0020, (2) with disc read error e74, (2) DOA with error e64, several with random audio and video-related issues and one that actually exploded with a faulty PSU. I managed to fix it with this: xbox 360 error code fix

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