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New Posts: Movie of the Week

The whole purpose of Media Center in my household is for it to allow for new and better ways for me and my family to enjoy our content.  That content can be movies, TV, music, photos or even a combination of a few. 

Taking that into account I wanted to start writing more about the content that Media Center has allowed me to organize under one digital roof.  Starting out I am going to be writing about movies since I love watching and collecting.  Specifically one movie a week out of my movie collection.  I will be using Random.org to randomly pick a number and then use that number to determine which movie I will watch.

Here is the template I will be using:

My Movies collection number: The random number spit out by the random number generator.

IMDB Synopsis: What IMDB says the movie is about.

Why it’s in my collection: A brief explanation on why I have the movie as part of my collection.

Thoughts While Watching: I will be writing thoughts while I watch / re-watch the movie of the week.

Why it should be in your collection: My conclusion and wrap-up.

Similar movies from my collection: I will be leveraging the similar movies functionality to list a few of the movies from my collection that are considered similar by My Movies.

My Movies Collection Rating: The rating that is assigned to this movie in my collection based on the 1-10 rating used by My Movies.

The first movie of the week will be posted shortly after this post.


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