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Tuning Adapter Operational

My tuning adapter is finally operational.  I tried changing the configuration of my cable splitters and that seemed to have no effect.  I have been getting very frustrated and now all this morning my tuning adapter is working again.

I think I know what the solution was but I am cannot say with 100% confidence until I do some more tests.  Thanks to a comment from John on my last post I tried changing the USB cable.  The USB cable I had on there before is a long one that I just had in my “box of cables” that allowed me to put the tuning adapter where I wanted it to go.  Based on John’s suggestion I swapped the USB cable for a few others I had laying around and the last one seemed to work.  I am not sure what’s special about it either.

So I am going to run some more tests to try and get a definitive answer.  In the meantime, if you have a tuning adapter that looks like it’s close to working try a different USB cable and even a different USB port on the PC to see if it helps.

Stay tuned.  More to come.


2 Responses

  1. What do you think the problem was with your set-up?

    In the little manual it states that the TA can receive firmware updates and "will display a message on the tv screen". Of course you'd have to be watching that tuner when it happened to see the message.

    My theory was the chip in the USB hub somehow didn't properly identify the two devices (maybe tagged them both as the same?) and going into a direct USB port on the front of the XPS 420 brought the second TA up in a couple of minutes.

    Was there anything "special" about the cable that worked for you? Did you go back and use the cable that came with the TA perchance?


  2. I am going to go back and try the other USB cable tonight. I'm really not sure what happened since it had been working for weeks and then just stopped working. I really want to get to the bottom of this especially before the Ceton tuner hits and a lot more people jump into Media Center.

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