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Cable Card and SDV Support for All!!!

The Digital Cable Advisor tool is now available to the public.  For the full rundown click HERE.  In addition, the ATI 1.19 driver/firmware update is now available via Windows Update.  If you have any questions just let me know.

Please post feedback with your Cable Company and what kind of DRM you are seeing after the update.  Hopefully for most of you the DRM is relaxed almost 100%.


3 Responses

  1. Finally got around to installing Win7 this morning after getting the new ATI Firmware. After about two hours of upgrading started to try and make everything work. Found the ATI DCT but only one, found its own PID from Vista. I had to re-run set-up to get the second tuner detected. Then moved on to the Cisco 1520s. Windows downloaded the USB driver for the Cisco and they installed. Each one picked a tuner but after a day of playing with it, only open was operational. First both were error with SI, then one when operational and the other went initalizing/disconnect/initalizing.

    Called TW, and they tried to hit the adapter by it's serial number, but no help.

    What was worse, it was on the prime tuner so I found when I went to any channel, it would display for a couple of seconds and then put up a low signal level, try to retune. Unplugging the USB connection to that TA solved the problem until I can get a replacement.

    The other adapter is tuning SDV.

    Funny both adapters originally were putting up the diagnostic pages and they were the same but only one worked!

    Well now just waiting for the Ceton card to be released.

    Still lots of work to do on this machine, Got to catch up with you and your tv logos, My Movies, etc etc. Had been using Vader's Transcoder but it seems to quit after about 30 minutes but the second run goes all the way through. His webpages are down, so don't know if there's a fix or not.

    Now if TW will just add the stations here in Los Angeles that they gave you!


  2. Did you do an upgrade or a clean install of Windows 7?

    As far as the tuning adapter, I would not play around with it for too long. Turn the one that is not working in and get a new one. Time Warner's stance is that either works or does not. They do not do much troubleshooting.

    I do believe that the Ceton tuner will be a lot more stable on consistent and work better with the SDV adapters so I am eagerly awaiting its release as well.

  3. My Win 7 was an in place upgrade (had to do it to save all those DRM'd recordings). Will return the bad TA tomorrow but have been getting errors tonight (SDV 2) I think because the system doesn't like a TA on one tuner and none on the other. As soon as masterpiece theatre ends, I'm going to pull the usb on the working TA and see if that clears up the problem.

    Only have about half dozen SDVs here now, but I expect many more when they roll out more channels. Keep getting warning letters from TW with almost everything listed and then only six or so channels are switched–don't know if they're just covering their bases or if they're trying to get all the cablecards turned in for STBs.


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