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Time Warner Adds HD Channels

Time Warner Cable added 7 HD channels to their lineup in the Charlotte, NC area today with plans to add 10 more in a month’s time.

October 28, 2009: The following channels were added:

  • HBO2 HD – Channel 312 (requires subscription to HBO)
  • BBC America HD – Channel 219 (Digital Basic)
  • Headline News HD – Channel 272 (Basic Cable plus HD converter)
  • Investigation Discovery HD – Channel 274 (Digital Basic)
  • MSNBC HD – Channel 273 (Basic Cable plus HD converter)
  • truTV HD – Channel 275 (Basic Cable plus HD converter)
  • TCM HD – Channel 218 (Basic Cable plus HD converter)

November 24, 2009: The following channels will be added:

  • HBO Signature HD – Channel 313 (requires subscription to HBO)
  • HBO Family HD – Channel 314 (requires subscription to HBO)
  • HBO Comedy HD – Channel 315 (requires subscription to HBO) 
  • HBO Zone HD – Channel 316 (requires subscription to HBO)
  • HBO Latino HD – Channel 549 (requires subscription to HBO)
  • Showtime Too HD – Channel 388 (requires subscription to Showtime)
  • Action Max HD – Channel 335 (requires subscription to Cinemax)
  • Cartoon Network HD – Channel 296 (Basic Cable plus HD converter)
  • We HD – Channel 297 (Basic Cable plus HD converter)
  • IFC HD – Channel 395 (Movie Tier/Premium)

CaptureI have been able to test that the channels come in fine with the tuning adapters by using the Digital Tuner Diagnostics utility in Media Center.  Now I just need Zap2It to update their website so I can get the channels in my guide.

The information on channel lineup changes is on a support page off of the Time Warner Cable website (Support > Digital Cable Support > Channel Change Information).  This is my direct link: http://www.timewarnercable.com/Carolinas/support/policies/channelchange.html


5 Responses

  1. So, with TWC did this change, did they remap any of your QAM channels? Did you have to rescan with the HDHR? Did you have to rescan the channels through the CableCARDs?

  2. Everything is still working. I didn't have to touch anything.

    The one thing that was kind of weird was that I lost 3 channels for a few days because they were being moved from normal channels to SDV channels. They are all back and working now without me having to do anything.

  3. How are you able to use tuning adapters with your tuners, I thought that required a new ATI firmware that was not yet released?

    Was that incorrect, and tuning adapters work out of the box with Windows 7? If that's the case, I have to give TWC a call here in RTP.

  4. I was given the firmware update from AMD/ATI to do my review on the firmware. Because of that I have tuning adapter support.

  5. I work for DISH Network and am glad to see that Time Warner is adding HD channels but even so, DISH offers more HD channels than any other provider. Not only that, but DISH is the only way to get the lowest prices with HD Free for Life. I love DISH and recommend it to everyone.

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