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Hands-On Videos: TV and Guide Setup

Here are the first in a series of videos that I have planned.  The focus of this series is on TV Setup and Guide customizations in Windows 7 Media Center.

TV Tuner Setup: Setup of 2 Cable Card tuners and 2 Clear QAM tuners.

TV Setup

Merge channels:  Merge the same channel from multiple tuners that show in the guide as different channels.

Merge Channels

Add missing QAM channels:  Add channels that were not picked up in the scan for Clear QAM channels.

Add Missing Channel

Add channel logos:  One of the best and simplest updates that everyone should do.

Add Guide Logos

Remove channels: There is no need to keep channels in the guide if you never watch them or do not get them.

Remove Channels

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15 Responses

  1. I am not sure how to ask you a question that is not related to a specific post. Hence, I am asking it here. Please let me know if there is a different place to ask such questions.
    1. For now, I decided to go the route of MOCA in order to get wired network connectivity in my home. I have the connection up and running and when I test it using Iperf / Jperf, it says that I have network speeds anywhere from 41MBPS TO 77 MBPS. But when I am streaming HD content from my windows media center pc upstairs to my xbox 360 downstairs, I see network issue message and there is stuttering and breaks in the image. Any thoughts or suggestions on what I am missing

    2. I have my comcast cable that I am using for internet only. But it looks like I do get basic cable even though I do not enable it specifically. Not sure if I am supposed to or not. I am looking at the local channels, but none of them are in High Def. Are they not supposed to be in High Def by default?


  2. Pradeep – I will try to add an email link to the blog to help with the general questions.

    1) As far as your MOCA solution, I do not have direct experience but I have heard it's a great solution. As far as the network stuttering I had that too and it was solved with an updated network driver.

    2) If you want to get the HD local channels you need to have a tuner that supports Clear QAM. I use the HD Homerun.

  3. Thank you. When you say, update the network driver, is this on the 360 or my extender or on my actual desktop. Can you please provide a little more info?

    I thought my tuner supported clearQAM, but I am not sure. I also have received the HD Homerun. I will connect that and see if things will change.

  4. Update the network driver on the desktop computer.

  5. I went into my Device Manager and clicked on Update Driver Software for the Network Adapter. It came back and said that the driver software for your device is up to date.

    I feel I am so close to this entire solution and still cannot figure this out. I hope you or someone else can help me figure out this issue so that I can start using the full fledged Media center solution.

  6. You need to go to the website for the manufacturer and download an updated driver. In my case it was an internal Intel NIC. I downloaded the driver from Intel's website and updated to that driver specifically instead of letting Windows search for one. You have the latest driver provided by Microsoft not the maker of the NIC.

  7. Thank you. I tried that. I downloaded the latest driver for my network card (also from Intel). I updated the driver and restarted the desktop. I am still having the stutter. I am still seeing the stutter and the Network Issue Icon pops up every few minutes. When I click on it to tune Network performance or if I check the results after tuning, it has more than required capacity for streaming HDTV as per the analysis done by Media center.I am kind of lost here.

  8. Looks like you are using Windows 7 here. I am trying to do this using Vista. When I connect my HD Home run, it comes up as Antenna and not as clear QAM. Also, where you go to edit channel and edit listings, I do not see that option when I go into edit channels. I also do not see the edit sources when I go into edit channels. Am I doing something wrong or is this not available in Vista Media Center

  9. Vista does not natively support Clear QAM tuners. You need to set everything up in the HDHomerun software first and then do the TV setup.

    The Clear QAM channels will show as separate channels in the guide. You can specify the channel numbers used in the HDHomerun software (I started at 2000). The channels will show up somewhere above 1000 I think.

  10. @Pradeep – Are you planning on moving to Windows 7?

  11. Thank you. I will try that. I will try to configure in that way. When I tried it that way, I think the HD Homerun channels came in the 1800 range. But there were some duplicates as well. For instance, I had the same channel in 1808 & 1818. I am thinking that this might be because of the dual HD Homerun tuners. I think I need to disable one, as I don't see a way of merging them.

    I am eventually planning on moving to Windows 7. I need to get my network issue resolved first.

  12. @Pradeep – Do not disable the tuner. It is probably the same channel available twice. It happens a lot when you are dealing with Clear QAM channels. A lot of the details with Clear QAM is hidden to customers that have cable boxes but not people with you setup. Just disable one of the channels from within the Media Center guide.

  13. Hey, I am back with another question. When I connect my ATI Digital Cable Tuner (I still do not have a cable card), I see that all the channels are grainy (Standard def, local stations). I wanted to know if that is normal and will go away once I add the cablecard or should I treat that as a problem with my tuner. Also, I do not see the HD channels listed right next to the standard def channels. Can I get clearQAM High Def channels using this tuner without the cable card or no? I am able to see some HD channels using the HD Home run. So, just wanted to make sure that my tuner is not bad before I go ahead and order up the cablecard.

  14. Pradeep – we might need to setup a call.

    As far as the ATI tuner – without a cable card it will act as an analog tuner which is the same as just connecting the cable to the back of a regular TV. The signal should look fine. If it's fuzzy it may be you cable connection. Does it look normal when connected to a TV?

    As far as HD, I think you can only use the tuner as an analog tuner OR a clear QAM tuner but not both at the same time. So you won't see any HD channels until you add the cable card.

    You definitely need to make sure that the cable signal is strong at that outlet since you will be splitting it to add more tuners and tuning adapters.

  15. Thank you. I have not connected a TV at this outlet. But I have my high speed modem at the same outlet and that works fine. I thought that I might be able to use this ATI as a clear QAM tuner till I get my cable card, but when I tune to the local HD channels like ABC, NBC etc. it does not play anything and says there is no signal on these channels. I cannot get them when I connect a TV directly as well. So, it might be something with my cable signal, but I will try. I would love to set up a call and have my questions answered, but at this point of time, my questions are not all gathered. I would appreciate if you can give me your e-mail id. My e-mail id is npradeepkumar@gmail.com.

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