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Firmware review still coming…

I am still in the process of writing my review.  Unfortunately not every has been roses in regards to SDV channel support.  I am currently talking with Time Warner, AMD and Microsoft to figure out the issues.  I hope to have the review posted tomorrow evening.


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  1. I was going through pretty much the same problems with TW with the unit on my Tivo. They didn't start SDV until about two weeks ago and everything worked fine for about a week. Then zap, went out and the Cisco just start blinking like it was looking for an IP address. Unplugged the USB and replug and it found an IP address and started working again.

    Then day before yesterday, all the SDV channels started showing "not available check with your cable co.". I called yesterday morning at the time two had come back (after several reboots and replugs–none of which I think did anything). After I told them of the problem, the channels started coming back one by one and were all working again by late afternoon.

    During this time, the channels all appeared on the STB and none appeared on MC or on my JVC with an S-card.

    I just think we're at the cutting edge of this and if you start paging through the diag pages, it'll go on and on and on. So there is a lot to this service, at least the way we have to use it.


  2. John,

    It's almost as if you were at my house!!

    Seriously though, this process has been very interesting. I am lucky that I have been in contact with Time Warner, AMD and Microsoft. Hopefully after documenting my troubles and the resolution the process will be smoother for others.

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