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Call for Questions: 1.19 firmware and tuning adapters

I am in the process of writing a review on the new 1.19 firmware update for the ATI Digital Cable Tuners and tuning adapter support in Windows 7 Media Center.  I currently have the a prerelease copy of the firmware supplied by AMD for review and my tuning adapters arrive tomorrow.

I will be documenting the install and creating video of the install for everyone to see and get an idea of what to expect when it’s time for your installation.  I wanted to put a call out for questions that anyone may have so that I can make sure I address those as part of my write-up.  No questions are out of bounds as I am sure people are wondering what model tuning adapter Time Warner is sending out and how these things hook-up.

I have confirmed that Windows 7 RC will support the relaxed DRM and Tuning Adapters assuming you have the firmware update and tuning adapters.  AMD is currently packaging the firmware update for official release and expects to have it out before the release of Windows 7 on October 22 but there is not an exact release date set yet.

So fire away with the questions.


12 Responses

  1. Alright!! Can't wait to see how it works. I think the first things that interests me are how one hooks up the adapters and how one can discern which shows in the guide will be copy-freely vs. which will be copy-once.

  2. @hoopla I can actually answer that one now. You can't. The only way to tell is after the show has recorded. On the show info page look for "copy protected" at the bottom. It may or may not be there.

    I am testing a lot of channels right now for patterns. Right now a number of SD channels are almost 100% CF and a lot of the HD channels are almost 100% CO.

  3. I have figured out a way to tell if there is DRM or not. I will posting a chart as part of my review.

  4. Are all the bits to enable SDV Tuning Adapter support included in the ATI firmware update? Also any indication when they will be releasing the firmware for everyone?

  5. @Scott All the bits for SDV Tuning Adapter support are in the firmware update and have been in Windows 7 since Windows 7 Beta release.

    I was not given an exact date but I was told the firmware should be released prior to Windows 7. My opinion is to expect it about a week or two ahead of 10/22 based on what is left to do before release.

  6. Hi

    I have two ATI DCTs awaiting both the Win7 Release and the AMD firmware update. I have one Cisco TA standing by (one on my Tivo running now).

    The question: Will one TA handle both of the ATI DCTs (each has one SA M-card) or will I need a second TA?


  7. John,

    I can tell you now that you will need 1 tuning adapter per ATI DCT. The Ceton card coming soon will support 1 Tuning Adapter for every 2 streams but ATI DCT's are 1-to-1.

  8. I have Windows 7 RTM (used former ditical cable key to activate on Windows 7), 2 ATI DCTs and 2 SDV tuning adapters. Waiting on the firmware update to be 'complete'. Thus far Windows 7 does *not* seem to recognize the tuning adapters — in device manager they're listed under other as generic devices with the name "Tuning Adapter". I've got them connected identically (coax from wall to SDV adapter, then to ATI DCT and both SDV adapters connected to system w/USB).

  9. What is Time Warner's fee for each adapter?

  10. Time Warner give the Tuning Adapters for free since it is to compensate for their SDV rollout. Most Cable companies should be giving these for free.

  11. "Free" isn't free any more. They had to modify my account and add/charge me for the interactive guide (which I still can't use) in order to receive the SDV adapters. It's a $1 something every month. Sounds like a bunch of bull but standing there I didn't feel like challenging them (odd for me).

  12. Eric,

    I had the charge for the interactive guide as well. I called and had them take it off. As a cable card customer I do not receive or use the interactive guide for the cable box. The charge was removed with no problem. I still have my tuning adapters and they still work.

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