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Media Center Studio released for Windows 7

One of my favorite utilities for Windows Vista Media Center is Menu Mender.  It is a very intuitive and easy tool that allows you to customize the menu strips in Media Center.  The changes to the underlying architecture of Windows 7 did not allow Menu Mender to work with Windows 7 but as of yesterday not only is there an update but there is a whole new version of the application named Media Center Studio.

If you are familiar with Menu Mender then you will be instantly familiar with Media Center Studio.  There is some additional functionality like the ability to apply themes to the Media Center UI.  You can still turn strips on/off, rename strip menu items and move them around. 

The only restrictions is that native menu items (think “recorded tv”, “movie guide”, “music”) can only be moved to native strips and not custom strips.  Over on the Green Button there is another application that is out (but set to receive an update at any moment) that will allow you to move native apps to custom strips.

After trying out Media Center Studio I may end up using both applications.  I really want the “movie guide” from the native “Movies” strip to be moved onto my custom movie strip with MediaBrowser and OML and mikinho app from the Green Button seems like it will let me do that but I still like the simplicity of Media Center Studio.  Try them out and let me know what you think.  Remember these are both Beta software releases.


4 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I installed this media center studio and I am still looking for some instructions on how to use this. I rearranged some of my menu items. One thing that I have noticed now is that everytime I start my media center application on my main pc or on the extenders, it starts out with pictures and videos. Earlier it always used to start at 'Recorded TV'. How do I get it back to start on 'Recorded TV'. I tried moving that strip to the top in the media center studio app, but it still keeps starting at pictures and videos. Do you know how I can change this default?

  2. Pradeep – I'll post a video walk through tomorrow for you.

    – Andres

  3. Hello Andres,

    Did you post a video on how to use media center studio? Thanks for your blog.

  4. Media Center Studio video is going up tonight.

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