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Happy to have tuning adapter support – Now try to get one from Time Warner.

SDV_TA Now that I am back home and settled from CEDIA I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead an get my tuning adapters from Time Warner in anticipation of the pending firmware update.  Unfortunately it does not look like it will be as easy as picking up a cable box which I cannot say surprises me.

The first thing I did was FINALLY take back my cable box.  I have had it sitting in another room disconnected for months.  My wife asked me to hold onto it as we transitioned to Media Center and it just sat there wasting my money.  When I took the box in I also removed Showtime since we always watch HBO and rarely watched Showtime.  My bill decreased by about $31 a month!  I was kicking myself for not doing that sooner.  The change removed the Showtime charge, the cable box charge, the cable box remote charge, the onscreen guide charge and the DVR service charge.

While I was at the satellite office I asked about the tuning adapters and I was told that they were available in my area but I would need to go through the main office in Charlotte to get it.  No problem there, that makes sense.

I called the main office today before I made a trip up there and I can see now that this will be an ordeal.  I was told that I cannot just go to the office and pick them up.  I must go to my area Time Warner Cable website (http://www.twcarolina.com/) and order the tuning adapter.  Unfortunately the only order form on the website that I and the customer service rep could find was the Pre-Order Form that would inform when tuning adapters are available in my area.

The customer service rep next escalated to someone else and was instant messaging with that person as she was on the phone with me.  They asked what I had and I went ahead and said Tivo to avoid the grief.  So now I must wait for an email or phone call in the next 24-48 hrs to have some type of idea of how I am going to get this tuning adapter.

I am not sure when the ATI firmware update will hit but I am glad that I started working on getting a tuning adapter now.  Hopefully my lessons will help everyone else get them a lot quicker.


4 Responses

  1. Andres,
    I greatly appreciate that you have taken the time to do this blog. I've been reading your entries for over a year and has made my experience using Windows Media Center (WMC) significantly easier. Like you, I made the switch to using WMC as my only method for watching and recording television programming.

    My question…I am also a TWC customer and have also requested tuning adapters (TA). Firstly, the rep I spoke with had no clue about ATI digital cable tuners and secondly, said I wasn't eligible TA without having one of 4 TIVO devices on my account. Granted, I was probably to forthcoming and probably, like you, should have just said I had a TIVO. But I was unaware they kept somekind of record of their customers having tivo devices. Do you experience that when requesting TA?

  2. @jigga – Most of the time you need to say Tivo just to get past the Level 1 help desk that does not have much training on cable card and tuning adapters. You should be able to just walk into a TW Cable store and pick one up. They really do not require a truck roll. Shoot me a personal email at aechevarria@gmail.com and I will give you the email address of a TW Cable Associate that can help.

  3. For those in Austin, TX…you can supposedly order a tuning adapter for free via the link at the bottom of this page….notice that they support the ATI tuner.


  4. Andres -You need to ask for the "A Team" (wonder which consultant came up with that name). That's the group that handles cable cards, tuners, etc. They are the only ones who have a clue.Note that their hours are 10am to 7pm. The regular TW reps will insist on sending someone out if you call during any other time and request assistance with a cable card or tuner issue.

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