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More Tuning Adapter Info

When Windows 7 launches on October 22 it will be with the full SDV/Tuning Adapter support for Media Center. For some this is passing news but for me it's the difference between 22 HD channels and 52 HD channels.

Somewhere in the next two weeks ATI should be releasing firmware version 1.19 for the current ATI tuners. So if you are running Windows 7 RC this should be working prior to the Oct 22 official launch of 7.

The tuning adapter will hook up to your PC via USB and require a Coax Cable connection into the adapter. From there you can run a Coax cabe from the Tuning Adapter to the DCT or split the line further and have a direct line from the wall to the DCT.

The solution requires Windows 7 to act as a proxy / broker between the DCT and the tuning adapter. I thought I heard someone say something about Vista support but I will verify tomorrow.

Hopefully I can get some hands-on time and pictures.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, you have given us some really great coverage! Thanks. I just got my cable card installed yesterday and knew many of the HD channels would not be viewable but went ahead with it anyways knowing that SDV support was going to be available. Looks like I only have to wait around 2 weeks now! Now if only the Zune software would support syncing HD content with AC3 sound to my Zune HD which is on the way I would be a very happy camper!

  2. Scott – I am glad you got the Cable Card up and running. Now it will be like Christmas when the firmware hits.

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