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This place is huge!  There are so many dealers, products and services it is kind of overwhelming.  I am trying to weed through the explosion of lights and information to find things that apply to the everyday person like me.  I do not have a 14,ooo sq ft home and I don’t need miles of cable.  My CAT5 is measured in feet.

That being said I have come away even more convinced of Media Center as a solution.  It really scales well from my 3 room setup to a huge house like the one in the Ultimate Install Contest.  I have seen a lot of trends of centralization of media but have yet to see anything that is comparable to what Media Center offers and at the price they offer.  I do admit that I am looking at it from rose-tinted glasses but I also am thinking about my wallet and ease of use.

I have an appointment with Microsoft at 4:30 pm today.  Shoot me a comment with a question and I will ask your question for you.


5 Responses

  1. have fun there Andres..
    How about checking on extenders..also, if MS wants to test some media center related stuff(hardware/ software)..how can we raise our hands?.. am raising now!
    btw..set ur lineup for fantasy football

  2. Ask them when the satellite companies are going to catch up with the cable companies in regards to MC. The Dish demo looks great but that's all it is…is a teasing demo.

  3. Can you ask about any plans of bringing the Zune Marketplace into Media Center?

  4. direct tv hdpc 20? did it show up there?

  5. Zune HD as remote control to control media center and the extenders.

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