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Windows Media Center Press Event – Live

6:44 pm – Event should start around 7pm.  Look for pictures later tonight if I can’t squeeze them in now.

6:46 pm – Met Ben Drawbaugh and Richard Lawler from Engadget HD and Ben Reed from Microsoft.

7:00 pm – Almost time to start.

7:13 pm – Ok so maybe I was wrong.  Hopefully we will be starting soon.

7:16 pm – Here we go. Ben Reed is welcoming the crowd.

7:18 pm – Ben is recognizing the enthusiast along with the custom installers and end consumer.  Nice the hear that all groups are recognized.  Presentation should be about 25 minutes long.

7:20 pm – Going to talk about Windows 7 updates to Media Center, Digital Cable Evolution (!!!!), Microsoft at CEDIA 2009 and the winner of the Ultimate Install Contest.

7:22 pm – Windows 7 will make Windows Media Center easier.  Talking about HomeGroup and the benefits to Media Center.

7:23 pm – TV Tuner support in Windows 7 will be addressed as well.  All TV Pack updates are in Windows 7 MC.  We knew that.

7:23 pm – Going to talk about the updates to the guide and codec support.

7:23 pm – Remote Media Streaming – Very interesting to see what they have here.  Doesn’t look like this is Mesh.  Could be something new.

7:24 pm – Going over Play-To and how to use it as a remote control to Play-To devices.

7:24 pm – DIGITAL CABLE EVOLUTION – SDV support is official!!!!! 

Integrators and enthusiasts can now add Cable Card to ANY PC!!!!!!!!!!!

Firmware update to ATI Tuners (1.19) that will relax DRM is official.  No release date on the firmware yet.

7:26 pm – Now talking about Microsoft’s presence at the CEDIA Expo.  Focus turning more to custom integrators.

Nice hear that the Microsoft folks are big Media Center users in the homes.  Kevin Collins has 13 tuners and 6 extenders.

7:27 AVCHD is native format in Windows 7.

Microsoft now has CEDIA approved training for integrators.

Talking about Guide enhancements.  Integration of Internet TV into guide and Clear QAM sub-channels.  You can check out my videos to see this in action.

7:34 pm – Talking about the ability to have customized guides.  This is called Favorites.  I use this now in Windows 7.

Talking about HomeGroup and how it can be used in Recorded TV under the “Shared” filter twist.  HomeGroup plus relaxed DRM and Cable Card allows for portability that has been lacking.

7:36 pm – AEP 2.0 is going to be shown on the floor that allows for a high number of tuners and extenders.  One the floor they will have 9 extenders and more than 4 extenders.

7:37 pm – Now going to announce the Ultimate Install Contest winner.

7:42 pm – Looks like we may be done.  No word on extenders yet.

7:43 pm – And it’s over.


10 Responses

  1. can you please put the newest items at the top…so reverse your order? then we wont have to scroll after refreshing.

  2. Man I hope they don't just roll through a bunch of W7 MC features we already know about!

  3. I cant believe in 2009 for blogs we still have to manually refresh.. and yeah I wann know whats new not what what we already know.

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for the liveblog. Engadget HD has been a big letdown.

  5. Im sure Engadget HD will come back with detailed follow up.

  6. Thanks!

  7. Thanks!

  8. Nice job guys, thanks!

  9. Thanks for covering – you guys did a great job and were definitely the first to report.

    I'm disappointed, but not surprised that there wasn't more "new"

    The no-OEM CableCard requirement is a nice development though

  10. Aw man, no extender news?!

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