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Screencast: Swap SD for HD in your Media Center Channel Lineup

I have been wanting to really clean up my guide for awhile now.  I figured now was the best time to do it before the new fall lineup got kicked into high gear.  I don’t know about your channel lineup but the one provided to me by Time Warner Cable is a mess.  There are duplicate channels all over the place such as:

  • Noggin (47, 177, 623)
  • Disney Channel (54, 623)
  • Food Network (55, 631)

On top of that there are now a lot of HD versions of the same SD channels so they appear in the guide twice and I get twice the guide data when searching for a show or looking at what movies are on TV.  It also annoys the hell out of me when my Wife and/or Mother-In-Law tune into watch American Idol and turn to channel 11 instead of 240 and soil my HDTV with unnecessary SD content.

DirecTV has a nice feature on it’s box where it shows all of the HD channels right next to their SD counterpart.  So instead of HBO on 300 (SD) and 318 (HD) like I have with Time Warner they have HBO as channel 501 (SD) and 501 (HD).  Easy to find and easy to see the difference.  You can then further clean it up by hiding all of the SD channels that have an HD counterpart.  Unfortunately it is not that simple in Media Center, but it’s still pretty easy.  I created a video to show how you can do this through the Media Center interface.

You could probably accomplish this a lot faster with one of the new tools like Big Screen EPG or Guide Tool but I wanted to show what can be done from the normal UI without the need for installations or a keyboard and mouse.


11 Responses

  1. WRAL (5.1) HD no longer is available for me in MC7. I am using an AVER 780 combo, and a ATI 650 combo. WRAL-SD (5.3) is found, but not the HD channel. Do you have any info on this, and a possible solution? Thanks

  2. @Bill – Try adding a missing clear QAM channel. WRAL HD should be 85-2 in your area. You can double check at the silicon dust website. If you need me to create a video, then let me know.

  3. Got it. Thanks. What needs to be corrected in order for the auto scan to populate with the correct channels? Is this a MS thing? Zip2it?

  4. @Bill – It's a Zap2It issue.

  5. I'm having the same issue, but a scan doesn't find any channels in the 80's.

    How can I fix it? Have a ATI USB cable device

  6. Clay – You just need to add the channel manually.

    Check out this post I did with a video on adding missing Clear QAM channels:

    Add missing QAM channels: Add channels that were not picked up in the scan for Clear QAM channels.

  7. Here is the link:

    Add missing QAM channels

  8. Thanks. I'll check that out.I'm not using an HDHR box. I'll let you know if this works.

  9. Andres, I followed the procedures as you outlined so well in your video. However, when I go to the new channel (48,3), I get the "No TV Signal" error.I added the actual channel from silicon dust, not the virtual channel.when scanning, it picks up 5.3, which is the SD channel, and isn't even listed on the silicon dust page.any help you can offer would be great!

  10. Clay where are you located? What is your zip code?

  11. Durham, NC 27707if you want to email me, it's harris.clay AT gmail

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