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S1 Digital Innovates on Media Center as a Platform

s1digital-logo-small S1 Digital today announced via Press Release their new Digital Entertainment Platform that is built on Windows Media Center and their own proprietary technologies.  See the press release here.

For those that do not know, S1 Digital is a premium retailer of high end Windows Media Center systems.  They usually sell directly to custom integrators and their systems cost in the thousands.  They are not systems that I or most people that read this blog would purchase due to the price tag but S1 Digital and the work they are doing is CRUCIAL to Media Center as a platform.

Today’s announcement of their new Digital Entertainment Platform demonstrates what Media Center is capable of.  It can be the true central hub of your household media and entertainment with full support for HD premium digital cable as well as extenders that have all the functionality you would expect.  The extenders are small Media Centers themselves which eliminates the whole “Does it work on an extender?” question.  Now we just need all the innovations from the high-end custom installer market to start trickling down to the enthusiast.

Hopefully I will get a chance to speak with S1 Digital at CEDIA and get a better understanding of how much customization was needed to achieve this solution.


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