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Welcome New Readers

I am hoping that the cross post with EngadgetHD has introduced the blog to some new readers.  If you are one of those readers: Welcome!  The blog has really started to take off lately and with the influx of new readers I thought it would be a good idea to write a post explaining what you can find here and what will be coming up in the future that will make you subscribe to the RSS feed or continue to come back.

I started the blog back on April 11, 2007.  I made a post about the 1700 ft of Cat5 cable I purchased off of Craigslist to network my home in anticipation of buying a Media Center PC.    Almost 10 months after the purchase of the network cable the Media Center PC showed up at my house.

I started out blogging about my experience in setting up my Media Center and since then the topics have shifted slightly to using Media Center in my family’s day to day entertainment lives.  Now that MencoderProper has officially launched I have some time back to get back to posting.  Here is what is coming up:

Regular Series:

  • Using Media Center – Posts that give examples of how Media Center is used in my house.  These maybe scenarios that you want to see in action, did not know existed or ones that are outdated that I need to update with your help.
  • All About the Content (AATC) – At the end of the day the entire endeavor is All About the Content.  These posts will focus on different types of content, different formats and reviewing content that is great in a networked Media Center environment.
  • What’s Recording Tonight? – These posts will highlight the DVR capabilities and show the flexability Media Center provides you when used as a DVR.


  • Running Network Cable at Home
  • Why Extenders?
  • Moving your family to a Media Center whole home solution

This gives you an idea of the types of posts that will be coming up.  I hope you stick around to provide feedback and add to the conversation whether you are new to Media Center or a seasoned Media Center veteran.


One Response

  1. Great to hear that you will be back now and writing your posts more regularly. The list of topics that you are planning to post has got me excited and I am looking forward to your new posts.

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