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Media Center is going outside for the Summer

I love Do-It-Yourself projects which is why I ran all of the network cable in my house myself, built a Magic Mirror for the kids that come by on Halloween and why I just finished building an outdoor movie screen.  The idea for the movie screen came from a great post over at Wired.com (which I think was linked to from Lifehacker.com).  After reading the post I immediately thought two things:  1) I can do that and 2) my Media Center Extender is wireless.

So after a few weeks of working on it off and on and with the wonderful seamstress skills of my Mother-In-Law I now have the following 9’ x 5’ outdoor movie screen:


Here is another picture for scale:


I’m hoping to get a test run in soon and have an official “Movie in the Yard” night sometime soon with friends and family.


2 Responses

  1. Cool! I knew you were up to something since I have not seen much of your post after you got back from your vacation.
    I love your screen. My concern will be where can i store this home made screen if I make one like your?

    Have you ever thought of the inflateable screen.
    Check this out



  2. I was asked the same question before I started by my brother. From what I read the quality of the screen is not as good. At the end of the day my price is cheaper too.

    You are right about storage being a problem with this solution. In my case, I do I have a spot in the garage for it.

    The screen and my encoding project have eaten some of my time. I do have a few posts almost ready and I am working on some videos too.

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